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This weeks new game “Nintendo Switch Sports” “MOTOGP 22” “Vampire: The Masquerade

Japan’s interest title 【NSW】 Nintendo Switch Sports
April 29 will be released

April 25th Monday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Toho Hanazaki ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View. _ HOT!

April 26th Tuesday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!
· _ Demon Gays Extra _ HOT!
· _ Chardonelica Mancia _

· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!

· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!

Xbox Series x | S DL
· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!

· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!

Nintendo Switch DL
· _ Research and Destroy _ HOT!
· _ Sunner Log _

April 27 Wednesday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt _ HOT!
· _ Balance Knight / Balance Night _
· _ Dreamin ‘Her-I have a dream of her. – _

· _ Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt _ HOT!

April 28 Thursday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Ultraage _ HOT!
· _ Future Future Yori _ HOT!
· _ Eternal Adventure of Momo _
· _ ABYSS MEMORY Angel and magic line without flying _
· _ There’s A Rikishi In My House

· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!

· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Yellow Hooding House _ HOT!
· _ Flying! shark! shark! -Toaplan Arcade Garage- _ Hot!
· _ Love of gal starting from kiss ~ Kurumi Uwasa and Real Kimochi ~ _
· _ – Distinct !!! + _
· Yellow Wrap Khwa Experience Selection
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Yellow Hooding House _ HOT!
· _ Flying! shark! shark! -Toaplan Arcade Garage- _ Hot!
· _ Layer Section & Galactic Attack S Tribute _ HOT!
· _ Love of gal starting from kiss ~ Kurumi Uwasa and Real Kimochi ~ _
· _ – Distinct !!! + _
· Noneko thing or something

Xbox Series x | S DL
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!

· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Layer Section & Galactic Attack S Tribute _ HOT!

Nintendo Switch
· _ MOTOGP 22 _ HOT!
· _ Yellow Hooding House _ HOT!
· _ Flying! shark! shark! -Toaplan Arcade Garage- _ Hot!
· _ Edible Girl 2 Beauty Farm Battle _ HOT!
· _ Love + love or die _ _ _ _ _
· _
Twink Sengoku ◆ Time Keep Love New Encounter for Nintendo Switch _
Yellow Wrap Khwa Experience Selection
Nintendo Switch DL
· _
· _
Yellow Hooding House _ HOT!
· _
Flying! shark! shark! -Toaplan Arcade Garage- _ Hot!
· _
Layer Section & Galactic Attack S Tribute _ HOT!
· _
Edible Girl 2 Beauty Farm Battle _ HOT!
· _
Love of gal starting from kiss ~ Kurumi Uwasa and Real Kimochi ~ _
· _
– Distinct !!! + _
· _
Love + love or die _ _ _ _ _
· _ Twink Sengoku ◆ Time Keep Love New Encounter for Nintendo Switch _
· _ Watcher Chronicle _
· _ Thank you ~ Nyanzu & Kumi Yoshi Escape game ~ _
· _ Endless puzzle fan collection _
· _ Card full planning
· _ Get Pack-Moving Great Otimo ~ _
· _ Smout golf _
· _ Escape game R00M _
· _ Transylbi _
· _ Park Asaurus “Parkasaurus” _
· _ Breep bloop _
· _ Boku’s Ninja World _
· _ Pop Slinger _
· _ Match Three Pirates! Davy Jones Successor _
· _ Magical Jewelry: Dwarf Destiny _
· _ Mark and Galaxy Dragon ~ Marco & Galaxy Dragon ~ _
· _ ABYSS MEMORY Angel and magic line without flying _
· _ bugsnax _
· _ Caves and Castles: Underworld _
· _ DANCE with DEVILS _
· _ DARK BLOOD REBORN-Dark Blood Reborn- _
· _ Light fairytale episode 1 _
· _ Lost Bubbles: Sweet mates _
· _ LOST GRIMOIRES: Rubbing Kingdom _
· _ OMNO _
· _ PanMorphia: Mezama _
· _ ping pong arcade _
· _ Save Me MR Tako: Definitive Edition
· _ turn tack _

April 29 Friday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Horres fighter II _
· _ Marble Ball Friends _


Nintendo Switch
· _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ HOT!
· _ Betian Paapera English Adventure _
Nintendo Switch DL
· _ Nintendo Switch Sports _ HOT!
· _ Betian Paapera English Adventure _
· _ Dundee & Randy DX _

April 30 Saturday (Japan)

Windows PC DL
· _ Monms quest _
· _ 2Week: Death World _

North American Take Title [PC] [PS5] VAMPIRE: The Masquerade-Bloodhunt
April 27 will be released

April 25 Monday (North America)

Windows PC DL
· _ Barro F22 _
· _ DRACO knight _
· _ DRAGONSCALES 7: A Heart of Dark Flames
· _ Hidden BEAST _
· _ The Remains Chapter 1 _
· _ You Deserve A Seat AT THE TABLE _



Xbox Series x | S DL



Nintendo Switch DL

April 26th Tuesday (North America)

Windows PC DL
· _ Ambulance Emergency Simulation _
· _ Curtain Call _

PlayStation Plus is significantly renewed in June. Provide a three-stage plan, also plan for playing primary PS to PS3 and PSP titles

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on March 29th, Subscription Service PlayStation Plus, renewed significantly in June this year. Cloud Game Service PlayStation Now and service to be integrated.

After service integration, you can choose from a three-step plan. Each service content and subscription price (tax included) are as follows.

□ PlayStation Plus Essential

· Freeplay (Download two games every month can be downloaded without additional expenses)
· Subscriber limited discount
· Save data storage (cloud storage)
· Online multiplayer

Price: 850 yen 1 month 850 yen · 3 months 2150 yen · 12 months 5143 yen

□ PlayStation Plus Extra

· All services contained in PLAYSTATION PLUS ESSENTIAL

The NEW PlayStation+ OFFICIALLY REVEALED! (PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, & PS5 Games!)
· You can download and play a few hundred ps4 / ps5 popular titles. Lineup also includes a PLAYSTATION STUDIOS and a hit work of software maker companies.

Price: 1 month 1300 yen · 3 months 3600 yen · 12 months 8600 yen


· All services contained in PLAYSTATION PLUS EXTRA
· A maximum of 240 titles can be played by adding PS3 titles (cloud streaming), the primary PLAYSTATION, PS2, PSP title (cloud streaming and download).
• PS PLUS EXTRA and PS PLUS Premium services included in PSP and PS4 titles can be played through cloud streaming (Cloud Streaming Services in PC will be addressed by update later).
· A game trial (limited play time is limited) that can be played with a trial before purchase.

Price: 1 month 1550 yen · 3 months 4300 yen · 12 months 150,000 yen

While PS Plus Essential is the same as the existing PS Plus, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium have been added. In these plans, at the same time as the service renewal, we plan to provide titles such as “Death Stranding” “God of War” “Marvel’s Spider-Man” “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Returnal”. And. The library of works is regularly updated after the service renewal. Details of the game lineup will be announced later.

With regard to PS NOW, the provision as a unique subscription service is terminated with service integration performed in June. An existing subscriber automatically migrates to PS Plus Premium and has no additional cost burden.

WWE 2K22 reveals the first look at Sheamus

It was a busy day for WWE 2K22, 2K revealed as the official cover of Rey Mysterious, the release date, new images of WWE superstars in the game and more. They also presented a new trailer, but we have not yet seen all the superstars that appear in the game. One of those stars is Shea mus, but he managed when he published two new images of her character model 2K22 on Twitter. Both photos are from the entrance of it, showing different sides of him, and so far 2K22 Shea mus looks pretty true to real life counterpart of it. You can see the new images below.

Shea mus published the pictures with the caption WWE2K22 FIGHT NIGHT is on March 11, boys. Book your copy today and create their own Shea mus Dangers! ItHitsDifferent Ad

To the As with some other revelations, the likeness is the first thing stands, although the hair of him, chain him and the team also impressed him. Remains to be seen how he will be in action, and we are curious to know if he will have an alternative look with its combination of hat and coat that he has been using in recent times.

You can view the images above and all pre-order details can be found below.

• The Standard Edition will be available for $59.99 on platforms of the previous generation (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC) and $69.99 on consoles of the current generation (PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X | S) in both physical format as digital ;

• Cross-Gen Package will be available for $79.99 and includes standard digital editing and package Staircase ’96 Rey Mysterious in the previous and current generation within the same PlayStation and Xbox consoles;


• The Deluxe Edition will be available for $99.99 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S in physical and digital format, and PC in digital format. The Deluxe Edition includes the Standard Edition plus the Undertaker Immortal package; a season pass for all five DLC content packs after launch; Rise packages Mega-Boost and Supercharger; WWE Supercar content limited edition (included in the box only for physical copies). Players who book the Deluxe Edition before the March 8, 2022, will also receive early access to the game three days before the launch ; Players who buy the Xbox or PlayStation 5 Series X Edition | S also receive the Staircase ’96 Pack Rey Mysterious;

• The two 4-Life Edition will be available for $119.99 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC in digital format. Celebrating 25 years of the faction turned upside down the world of sports entertainment, in addition to the Standard Edition and all contained additional included in the deluxe edition, the two Edition 4-Life comes with cards Faction EVE and outfits alternative of two for Hollywood. Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and SYX, as well as a playable character in Eric Bishop, WCW Fouled Out 1997 arenas and WCW Bash at the Beach 1996 and the two Wolfpack Championship. Players who book two 4-Life Edition before the March 8, 2022, will also receive early access to the game three days before the launch ;

What do you think of Shea mus in WWE 2K22? Let us know in the comments and, as always, can talk about everything related to wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

Before the scarcity of PS5, Sony has decided to continue manufacturing more PS4 in 2022

Sign up for the 3D game channel on YouTube .

So a lot to ensure that the Sony itself has purchased a new chip factory in Japan, considered that the dispute has to see straight with the renowned semiconductors, who are present in a wide variety of makers throughout the globe, having a reduced view Its production for the results prompted straight by the pandemic. Some results that, unfortunately, seems to continue to be existing during this year.

We have actually been there for a couple of days of 2022, yet one of the problems that we continue dragging in the brand-new year is shortage of brand-new generation consoles Both Xbox Series X and also PlayStation 5 are submersed in a scenario that exceeds video games, impacting a wide range of technical sectors as well as even to the vehicle.

The idea behind this new approach would certainly be to supply even more alternatives to gamers that want to play in PlayStation, eliminating stress offering to customers a lot more consoles from previous generation. Something have needed to do, definitely the intergenerational launches that show up throughout the year 2022. For instance, both Perspective Forbidden West, which is a month far from Battle: Ragnarök has readily available variations for PlayStation 4.

They would include a million more PS4 to production It is a striking choice given that, although it had actually not been formally mentioned, the initial strategy consisted of stopping the production of face at the end of 2021, as stated in the info. The absence of PS5 in stores would certainly have caused a modification of course, with the creation of a million PS4 more during this year, which has a simpler production . In brief: it is easier, plus less expensive currently, PS4 than PS5.

For this factor, the info supplied by Bloomberg is missing today, which aims out that Sony is extremely familiar with the trouble and also has a number of strategies to try to manage the very best means. Among them is the fact of Continue generating more PlayStation 4 in 2022 , something that has verified a straight resource from within the Japanese business itself.

PS5 order Console today perhaps available in factory sales

The PlayStation 5 is now available on PlayStation Direct for select gamers. After that might follow, in which you can order with some luck a PS5 an open factory outlet.

Update of 15 December 2021:

Some PSN users have received from Sony invitations for a PS5-sale, which is to take place today until 11 o’clock at specified time windows. In the last action on PlayStation Direct was started after the sale window for invited gamers the Free Factory sales. So today you could from 11 am possibly without an invitation, the chance of getting PS5 — this you should from now keep your eyes open, and you have just in case and bring even a bit of luck.

Hear here for the PlayStation Direct Store!

Order PS 5: Here you can get the console to date

gray market: PS5 Digital from approx. €700 PS5 Disc from approx. 750 EUR (eBay)
In power tariff bundle at E and simple: PS5 disc with two Dual Sense controllers and 24 months PS Plus as a bonus for a one-time payment of 349 euros (more info in our article)
The mobile phone contract with o2: PS5 disc with pulses 3D headset for a one time payment of 69.98 euros (within 7 weeks)
The mobile phone contract with o2: PS5 Digital with the second controller for a one time payment of 57.98 euros (within 7 weeks)

The power tariff bundle of e how easy PS5 is shipped from the end of January.

Please note that the quoted prices and availability of PS5 may vary.

Sony has launched recently with PlayStation Direct a new way to play, to order a PS5. The online store, which was previously available only in the US, is now available in Germany online. However, currently there is also sold out the PS5.

Hear here for the PlayStation Direct Store!

availability of the PlayStation 5: The current situation

The PlayStation 5, although the launch took place in November 2020 still not available nationwide. In recent weeks there have been at least occasional Drops, where the console (usually within minutes) at different online retailers was repeatedly available in limited quotas for a short time. Recently there were a few copies of the disc version 23.09. At Saturn and Media Market — unfortunately these are already sold. Who wants to increase his chances to catch the PS5 in retail, should keep the following in mind dealer and possibly strike quickly.

PS5 Buy: Overview of Online Stores

PlayStation 5 with disc drive for 499 euros

The version with drive may cost 100 euros more, but recommended for PlayStation fans that have a large library of PS4 games on discs and want to continue to use. In addition, you can also use the PS5 disc version for playing Blu-ray and 4K Blu-rays.

PS5 with disc drive on Amazon — usually only for Prime members (Prime free trial).
PS5 with disc drive in Eugenics
PS5 with disc drive at Media Market (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 with disc drive at Saturn (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 with disc drive for PlayStation Direct

PlayStation 5 All-Digital Edition for 399 euros

With the All-Digital Edition of PS5 is it limited to games that you buy store in the PlayStation. Who does not have great games and also has no plans to build such or predominantly free-2-play titles like Fortnite or Cod: plays War zone can access here? This saves 100 euros and gives a slightly slimmer console.

PS5 All Digital Edition on Amazon — usually only for Prime members (Prime free trial).
PS5 All Digital Edition at Eugenics
PS5 All Digital Edition at Media Market (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 All Digital Edition at Saturn (usually only store pickup possible)
PS5 All Digital Edition on PlayStation Direct

PS 5 on the gray market — on eBay

A major problem regarding the availability of PS5 is the so-called Scalpers. These are bots which continuously store pages to scan and buy consoles, as they become available. Bot operators want thus further buy consoles on trading platforms such as eBay thanks to the artificial scarcity profit. Although the method seems morally questionable, it is of course an option to buy the console with markup on eBay. But we recommend that deals exactly seriousness of traders to study the origin of the hardware guarantee / warranty and delivery back.

gray market: PS5 Digital from approx. €630 PS5 Disc from approx. 700 EUR (eBay)

The eBay prices indirectly provide an impression of offering and demand. We watch the eBay prices exactly, finish several times a week the best price of reputable eBay dealers to consoles with the state New and Buy Now-Buy option, which are available from Germany. This can be deduced how far the PlayStation 5 is still removed from availability in width. Here are the prices last attracted again. While the PS5 was still trading at prices of 650 euros in August, the cheapest prices are currently well over 700 euros. The PS5 without an optical drive also costs around 670 euros again, while still in late summer for 550 euros. This is equivalent to 40 to 70 percent over the EIA Racer usury! Unfortunately, Scalping seems to be worthwhile.

PS5 buy by tariff bundle

Even if the PlayStation 5 is currently sold out in retail sold virtually permanently, you can sometimes order together with a mobile phone, Internet or electricity tariff, because there are no scales. Currently, unfortunately no rates are available.

PlayStation 5 buy: Important console accessories

Have you got a PS5, you can get the most out of your PS5 with the official accessories of Sony. The danseuse controller, the charging station, remote control, HD camera and the headset can make your life easier and your gaming experience more comfortable.

Sony DANSEUSE Wireless controller at Amazon for about 64 euros
Sony HD camera at Saturn for about 60 euros
Sony media remote control at media market for about 35 euros
Sony Pulse 3D, Over-Ear Wireless Headset for approx. 95 euros
Sony DANSEUSE charging station for about 40 euros

In addition, you need a top TV, so that Biographic power of the PS5 can really come into validity. Optimally, devices that have 4K resolution, HDMI 2.1, 120 Hz and VAR. More info in our focus on the best gaming TVs. Here are three suggestions for suitable 4K TVs:

LG OLED55CX9LA (55 inches) at Amazon
Samsung LED 4K Q80T (65 inches) at Amazon
Sony KD-55xH9005 LED TV (55 inches) at Mediamarkt for 949 Euro

Incidentally, you will find many more information about the PlayStation 5 in our review.

Horizon Forbidden West comparable to Gwent Virtual board game Strike confirmed

Role-playing or roleplaying is the changing of one’s practices to presume a role, either automatically to fill up a social role, or consciously to act out an embraced duty. While the Oxford English Thesaurus offers an interpretation of role-playing as the altering of one’s behavior to fulfill a social role, in the field of psychology, the term is made use of even more freely in four senses:

To refer to the playing of functions usually such as in a theater, or instructional setup;
To describe taking a function of a character or person and acting it out with a partner taking somebody else’s function, often involving different categories of method;
To refer to a vast array of video games including role-playing video game (RPG), play-by-mail video games and also more;

First Look At Map, New Weapon Type, Armor Sets & More Horizon Forbidden West News
To refer particularly to parlor games.

During the next year, the action role play Horizon: Forbidden West for the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 will be released.

As was announced as part of the official announcement, the players may look forward to various new gameplay features such as the exploration of underwater worlds. As now confirmed, Strike will also be a virtual board game with the game. This should be enjoyed in the world of Horizon: Forbidden West great popularity and played by numerous non-playable characters (short: NPCs).

Exclusive strike content in the collector editions

According to the official FAQ, Strike is played with wood and metal parts shaped in the form of machines. Furthermore, Aloy can challenge many different NPCs to a match while exploring the world. How Strike is played in the end, unfortunately unfortunately not revealed. We may learn more in the context of the PS5 games showcase next Thursday from 22 o’clock of our time.

on the subject : Horizon Forbidden West: PS5 upgrade possible? Sony clarifies

The fact that selected editions are delivered by Horizon: Forbidden West with the APEX CLAWSTRIDER machine section for Strike, at least that Strike is played with collectable objects, which is exactly like in the popular Gwent from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are divided into corresponding rarity levels. Therefore, Aloy will probably be able to collect further strike figures in the course of their adventures.

If further details are called Strike, we will of course immediately bring you to the current state of things.

Source: Gamesradar

Further news about Horizon: Forbidden West.

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