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Xbox Series X | S has no plans to increase the price … MS answers with rivals, PS5.

Microsoft has revealed that there is no plan to increase the price of Xbox Series X | S for interviews with overseas media, which was raised in PlayStation 5.


This was revealed in interviews with overseas media Windows Central. There was a concern that the price increase of the PS5 price was raised and there was a concern that the price increase of the rival Xbox Series X | S, but the Microsoft spokeswoman is now on sale in any area on sale. I answered that there is no. In Japan, Xbox Seriesx can be sold at 54,978 yen including tax and Xbox Series S at 32,978 yen including tax.

With the price increase of PlayStation 5 announced yesterday on August 25, the regular and digital editions have risen due to the impact on business in the world. Regarding the game hardware, the most popular stand-alone VR headset Meta Quest 2 in Steam also announced a price increase of more than 20,000 yen, so there are concerns about the rise in other game hardware such as Xbox and Nintendo Switch. It is in the state. However, this time, at least Xbox has been revealed that there is no plan to increase the price, and has shown that the switch is an interview with the Nikkei ASIA on August 11th.

From May 2022: Changes to Aldi, Lidl and online

There are many changes in Germany in May 2022. Among other things, there are new rules on Amazon and Ebay as well as in the supermarket and for beer lovers.

Hamm – In May 2022, there are again some changes in Germany come into force that affect the daily life of millions of people. In the so-called bliss month, the innovations concern online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, supermarkets and discounters such as Aldi, Lidl or Kaufland as well as beer drinkers.

Changes in May 2022: New rules for eBay and Amazon – consumers benefit

Millions of users buy on eBay or Amazon every day. New rules will apply to such online marketplaces from the end of May. More precisely, new information obligations come into force on May 28, 2022, as the NRW consumer center reports.

So far, the operators have mostly left their users in the unclear about why which products are displayed at which point in the list of results. However, they will soon be obliged, reports Wa.de.

Changes in May 2022: Ticket exchanges have to uncover additional costs

The change also affects comparison portals such as Check24 or Verivox. From May 28, these must also disclose which providers were taken into account in a comparison.

Ticket exchanges are also obliged to provide information about the original price of tickets in order to clarify buyers about additional calculated costs and fees. Violations of the new information obligations can be expensive.

According to the consumer center, fines up to 50,000 euros are possible. Companies with annual sales of more than 1.25 million euros can be punished with a fine of up to 4 percent of sales.

Changes in May 2022: Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and Co.

There will also be changes when shopping in May 2022. Price comparisons for supermarkets and discounters should become easier for customers from May 28th.

So far, basic prices on the price tags at Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and Co. have been presented differently. Sometimes the price is given per 100 grams, sometimes per kilogram. The latter will soon be the only basic price due to a change in the law that may be presented.

With every food in retail, according to the new price adjustment regulations, it must be evident at a glance how expensive a kilogram or a liter of the product is. Consumers can therefore compare prices more easily without having to convert themselves.

Changes in May 2022: Supermarkets and discounter should throw away fewer foods

Another change, of which there are several in 2022, such as innovations in the post office, salary and deposit, should reduce food waste in supermarkets and discounters. A new law states that foods that are discounted due to an approaching best -before date only have to be awarded the statement of what percentage the price is reduced. A total price and basic price then no longer have to be specified.

Everything that changes in Germany in May 2022|Germany Latest May 2022 updates #may2022germanyupdate

However, according to the consumer center, this procedure is already used for many retailers. So whether this gives less food away is questionable.

Changes in May 2022: No more corona rules in the workplace

The Corona rules at work may also change in May. Because the current occupational safety regulation expires on May 25, 2022.

If it is not extended, the last existing regulations would also be omitted – and working would be possible everywhere as before pandemic. However, this should already be the case in some companies, since the companies already decide for themselves whether and which rules still apply.

Changes in May 2022: More collateral for coffee trips

If you take part in a so -called coffee trip from May 28th, you have to be less concerned to be ripped off. Because a change ensures that in the future it will generally be banned at such events to sell insurance, building society contracts, medical devices and nutritional supplements.

In addition, organizers of coffee trips will have to better inform the participants about their rights in the future. The fine for violations was increased from 1000 to 10,000 euros.

changes in May 2022: Beer prices increase

Beer drinkers will soon have to dig deeper into their pockets: After some breweries increased the beer prices in April, more will follow up in May.

For example, the Radeberger and Bitburger Group have announced that their beers will become more expensive- according to the food newspaper around 6 to 7 euros per hectoliter. The increase in prices initially only affects the dealers, but it can be assumed that they will pass on the additional costs to consumers.

Rubric list picture: © xim.gs/imago;
Jürgen Ritter/Imago;
Collage: Sabrina Wagner/supermarkets

PlayStation Plus is significantly renewed in June. Provide a three-stage plan, also plan for playing primary PS to PS3 and PSP titles

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on March 29th, Subscription Service PlayStation Plus, renewed significantly in June this year. Cloud Game Service PlayStation Now and service to be integrated.

After service integration, you can choose from a three-step plan. Each service content and subscription price (tax included) are as follows.

□ PlayStation Plus Essential

· Freeplay (Download two games every month can be downloaded without additional expenses)
· Subscriber limited discount
· Save data storage (cloud storage)
· Online multiplayer

Price: 850 yen 1 month 850 yen · 3 months 2150 yen · 12 months 5143 yen

□ PlayStation Plus Extra

· All services contained in PLAYSTATION PLUS ESSENTIAL

The NEW PlayStation+ OFFICIALLY REVEALED! (PSP, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, & PS5 Games!)
· You can download and play a few hundred ps4 / ps5 popular titles. Lineup also includes a PLAYSTATION STUDIOS and a hit work of software maker companies.

Price: 1 month 1300 yen · 3 months 3600 yen · 12 months 8600 yen


· All services contained in PLAYSTATION PLUS EXTRA
· A maximum of 240 titles can be played by adding PS3 titles (cloud streaming), the primary PLAYSTATION, PS2, PSP title (cloud streaming and download).
• PS PLUS EXTRA and PS PLUS Premium services included in PSP and PS4 titles can be played through cloud streaming (Cloud Streaming Services in PC will be addressed by update later).
· A game trial (limited play time is limited) that can be played with a trial before purchase.

Price: 1 month 1550 yen · 3 months 4300 yen · 12 months 150,000 yen

While PS Plus Essential is the same as the existing PS Plus, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium have been added. In these plans, at the same time as the service renewal, we plan to provide titles such as “Death Stranding” “God of War” “Marvel’s Spider-Man” “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” and “Returnal”. And. The library of works is regularly updated after the service renewal. Details of the game lineup will be announced later.

With regard to PS NOW, the provision as a unique subscription service is terminated with service integration performed in June. An existing subscriber automatically migrates to PS Plus Premium and has no additional cost burden.

Saturn 3-for-2 Action: PS5 games like Horizon Forbidden West & Xbox

It is time to expand the “pile-of-shame” or maybe buy one or the other cracker for the best price – there is a 3-for-2 action for games and this time at Saturn. Here you can buy three games, but only pay two of them. Especially owners of a PS5 can buy a few absolute highlights cheaper.

As long as the action is: All offers are valid until 8 March 2022 or as long as stocks last. It is not unlikely that over time some games will be sold out.

This is how the action works: simply puts three games of the action side or game category in the shopping cart. There is then automatically deducted the cheapest of the games as a discount of the total price. Games that include action are marked on the product page with a blue “3-for-2” day. Pre-order and digital games are excluded from the action.

Our tip for action: Lets the best games in the shopping cart that are in a similar price segment. So you will receive the best possible discount.

Saturn 3-for-2 action on games __

Absolute game highlights for the best price

The 3-for-2 action is special this time, because you can buy one of the absolute top titles and Goty 2022 candidates significantly cheaper. The speech is of course from Horizon Forbidden West. The game is part of the action as well as PS4 and PS5 version.

Furthermore, Uncharted Legacy of Thieves is also part of the action like Call of Duty: Vanguard. Below we have searched for five games that count to action.

  • Horizon Forbidden West, PS5 / PS4
  • Cyberpunk 2077, PS4 / Xbox

HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary
* Spider-Man Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, PS5
* Uncharted Legacy of Thieves, PS5

  • Forza Horizon 5, Xbox

Elden ring is not yet there, but could follow the release.

Saturn 3-for-2 action on games __

More offers at Saturn

In addition to the 3-for-2 action, Saturn currently offers more top deals. Among other things, the new Saturn Prospekt includes a bundle for the Nintendo Switch, offers for 4K TVs and even more gaming deals.

All Saturn Prospekt Offers __

The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links your Uncharted Legacy supports: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.

LG OLED TV (55/65 inches, etc.) buy on sale at MediaMarkt

Media Markt - LG OLED tv - Product video
Who feared, the best deals for buying a TV are after the Black Friday first for a long time history, we can calm down. Finally, the previous year’s devices like to slip in the price when new models are announced. In the case of LG OLED TV, which with perfect black and extreme color power belong to the best and most popular televisions, the presentation of the 2022 models took place at the digital CES at the beginning of the year. Of course, LG OLED televisions of 2021 are by no means, especially not the devices of the popular C17 series. With a refresh rate of 120Hz, they are perfectly suitable for television or movie shows perfectly, but also for game fans with PC, PS4 / PS5, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. At MediaMarkt, there are LG OLED TV C17 in sizes from 48, 55, 65, 77 and 83 inches now through the bank on sale to free the camps for the new models. Compared to the original prices, one saves at least 40 percent. So cheap there has never been the LG OLED TV from 2021!

LG OLED TV: Top model of 2021 over 40 percent cheaper

Buy ### LG OLED TV at the lowest price at Mediamarkt

  • LG OLED 48 inches (121 cm) for 999 € (~~ 1.649 € ~~) incl. Direct departure (S.O.)
  • LG OLED 55 inches (139 cm) for 1,149 € (~~ 1.999 € ~~) incl. Direct departure (S.O.)
  • LG OLED 65 inches (164 cm) for 1.599 € (~~ 2.799 € ~~) incl. Direct departure (S.O.)
  • LG OLED 77 inches (195 cm) for 2,799 € (~~ 5.299 € ~~) incl. Direct departure (S.O.)
  • LG OLED 83 inch (210 cm) for 4,569 € (~~ 7.999 € ~~) incl. Direct departure (S.O.)

Buy: LG OLED TV at the lowest price at Mediamarkt

LG OLED TV: What makes C17LB so special?

Buy: LG OLED TV at the lowest price at Mediamarkt

LG OLED TV (2020) with 55 inches at Saturn for half price

LG OLED TV with 55 inches at Saturn for half price

Only until Sunday: Great sellout at MediaMarkt

The great sell-off at MediaMarkt, which also includes LG OLED TV, runs on Sunday (30.01.) At 23:59. If you are fast, you can get bargains from areas such as TVs, computers & accessories, smartphones, household appliances and many more. Further interesting actions and offers are regularly available at Mediamarkt and Saturn.

Graphics Card User: NVIDIA encourages PC

To get new NVIDIA graphics cards for the EIA is currently almost impossible. But even if PC players make it to accomplish this feat, they should experience a nasty surprise at the next drop – because Nvidia has increased prices shortly.

RTX graphics cards are more expensive: Nvidia turns on the price screw

Do you still remember the start of NVIDIA’s new RTX 3000 graphics cards? An RTX 3070 was advertised with an EIA of 499 euros, the RTX 3080 should cost 699 euros and on the price tag of the RTX 3090 stood 1,499 euros. Already in the spring of 2021 NVIDIA then increased the prices for the first time between 20 and 50 euros – but that does not seem to have been enough to the graphics card company.

Because who raises a look into the official NVIDIA shop will notice that the prices of the current RTX models have increased again . Depending on the model, buyers have to override between 20 and 100 euros more:

  • RTX 3090: Price rises from 1,549 to 1,649 Euro
  • RTX 3080 Ti: Price rises from 1,199 to 1,269 Euro
  • RTX 3080: Price rises from 719 759 Euro
  • RTX 3070 Ti: Price rises from 619 649 Euro
  • RTX 3070: Price rises from 519 549 Euro
  • RTX 3060 Ti: Price rises from 419 439 Euro

According to the computer base information, NVIDIA distributors have pointed out to consider price adjustments at the next drop (source: Computerate).

PAUKENBUCK IN GAMING SECTOR: Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard! More about this in the current episode of the GIG HEADLINES:

Watch graphics card bestsellers at Amazon

NVIDIA Explanation: Price increase triggered by inflation

From the same notification, the official statement NVIDIA also emerges for the price increase: the company reports that one has determined to the price increase to respond to inflation . This was in 2021 in Europe at proud 5 percent, in Germany at 3.1 percent.


Gaming graphics cards 2022: The best GPUs of Nvidia and AMD

Daniel Carat

Depending on the model, the graphics card prices increased by 5 to 6.5 percent. Nvidia beats additional profit from these changes. In addition, the price adjustment for many players is another blow in the face . Whether this price adjustment NVIDIA will be noticeable in the Custom models, remains to be seen. The prices on the free market are currently already 80 percent above the EIA anyway. We’ll keep you up to date.

FIFA 22 5 strong attackers which are far too cheap

The absolute top cards IN FIFA 22 costs a lot of coins. But even for small amounts you can take a few great players. Here you will find 5 examples of cheap strikers and wingers with whom your attack can improve.

Do you know that too? Since you have just invested a lot of coins in an attacker and now hopes for a lot of hits — but somehow he does not really want to ignite? Then you get annoyed to have put as many coins put in a player. Especially if the price is still pleased thanks to the crazy market in a short time.

Luckily, but there is exactly the opposite case: one invests a few coins, and suddenly you have a player who is much better than you expect for the price. Here we show you 5 examples of such attackers whose price is actually too low for your skills.

The 10 BEST New Meta Players you NEED in FIFA 22!

We start with particularly favorable, and then work a little the coin ladder high.

Humane Dembélé — Gold

Price : approx. 3,300 coins

This makes Dembélé out: Yes, Dembélé is not a direct pusher in the center as RF, but: the offensive player is definitely belonging to this list of nonthreatening players who are just priced. Just, just over 3,000 coins, the Frenchman, which can shine with 5 stars with skills and weak foot.

It has great dribbling skills and a very dangerous pace. Even in teams with higher rated players, the 83er card does not fall negative. Dembélé is and probably remains an absolutely useful card for your offensive — only that it is now much cheaper than before a few weeks ago.

Time Werner — Gold

Price : approx. 4,100 coins

Time Werner is currently on a price level of about 3,000 to 4,000 coins and yes, he has now been overtaken by some other striker cards. But: As a result, his price has fallen significantly, and you can still get a lot of gates out of the Chelsea attacker. Not for nothing the striker in the FIFA community is still feared despite comparatively low overall standings.

Werner has the necessary pace to enforce itself against fast defenders. Even his shot and dribbling values ​​are useful, and somehow the striker is always exactly right to remove an ice-cold hit. Only in skill moves he has weakened (only 3 stars). Werner is therefore particularly suitable for direct attacks, without a lot of drinks. But when the music style is, you can make a real bargain with him.

Marko Arnautović — Rule breaker

Price: approx. 12,000 coins

This makes Arnautović out: If you look around in the FIFA community, the Rule breakers map of Arnautović is repeatedly applied to a specific topic: Namely, if the question of the best striker is coming up in terms of price / performance ratio.

Arnautović is an absolute machine in front of the gate, which can transform opportunities on the running gang — and that from a variety of layers. The fact that Arnautović fails so favorably, is likely to be the hard-linkable nationality and the series A factor. Sure is: It’s not at his stats.

Paulo Ayala — Gold

Price: approx. 18,500 coins

This makes Ayala out: If you decide to take Arnautović in your team, you can theoretically equalize with another series-A player, which also comes with a comparatively low price: Paulo Ayala.

Ayala currently costs approximately 18,500 coins and is cheaper than striker like Haaland, Kane or Lusaka, but with its mobility from these attackers.

The Argentine is tricky and graduating, his left foot is a real weapon. Both from the distance, and in the penalty area, Ayala can exercise danger to the opposing box. In addition, he is also useful as a pass man and preparation — if you are more looking for a handlebar for your midfield, he can fill this role. With Ayala you get a comparatively cost-effective general-purpose weapon in attack.

Mario Gomez — Hero

Price: approx. 26,500

Let’s take a look at the Bundesliga. And here you end up in terms of striker quickly with one who is not already there: Mario Gomez, in the hero variant.

The price of the striker has fallen for weeks, currently he arrived at just over 20,000. But Gomez offers an extremely useful package for the price: Gomez, of course, shines with its final strength while criticizing the pace. With an Engine or Hunter style, however, remedy is created here. However, similar things like Werner: Skill Moves does not need to unpack with Gomez.

However, a bonus is its hero status with which its strong chemistry connections can build in your Bundesliga teams. For the current price Gomez is definitely worth a commitment! You are looking for not only in the attack, but for your whole team improvements? Then you should stop by here: 7 Meta players for more victories in the Weekend League.

PS4 buy the best

Fortnite is a cage survival shooter established by Individuals Can Fly as well as Impressive Gaming and achieved its appeal through a totally free Battle-Royale Genre, Standalone Setting, Fortnite Battle Royale. The Third Individual Shooter appeared on July 25, 2017, around the world for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also Windows. A Chinese version later appeared with limitations.
A standalone mode based upon the Battle-Royale Genre, Fortnite Battle Royale, was launched on September 26, 2017. Given that March 13, 2018, Fortnite Fight Royale is also available for Apple iOS tools as component of a welcome occasion. The mobile variation of the Battle Royale offshoot has actually additionally been released for Android as APK at the start of August 2018. In June 2018, Fortnite Fight Royale was released for Nintendo Switch. Till the 5th season, there remained in the meanwhile Crossly alternatives. Yet from the fifth season, the crossly involved restrictions on technical troubles, while being lifted since of the introduction of skill based matchmaking and also robots at the end of the 10th period. A version for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 was available on their respective launch days.

Games with competitive multiplayer is like sand by the sea. After proper (and good) coop titles have been searched for some time. Good that we have already done for you. With us, you get an overview of the best PS4 titles that you for two, three, to four, to fifth… You understand already… can play.

Table of contents:

The best PS4 co-op games for 2 players inside
The best PS4 co-op games for up to 4 players inside
The best PS4 co-op games for up to 8 players (and more)

This list does not claim to be completeness, but should provide a varied mix of co-op offerings on the PS4. Once new, recommendable co-op games for the PS4 appear, we will update the list for you.

Last update on 23.11.2021: Far Cry: New Dawn exchanged with Far Cry 6 and added back 4 Blood.

The best PS4 co-op games for 2 players inside

It Takes Two

Number of players inside: 2 (local or online)
Genre: Action Adventure
US: from 12 years
Price: 40 Euro

It’s about it: The couple May and Cody lived so apart in recent times, which is why they want to divorce themselves. Since her daughter Rose does not want to allow that, she asks the book of love for help. Short-handed parents are turned into small dolls. From now on, they will be forced to work together from the annoying book of love, so as not only to return to their bodies, but also save their marriage.

How does the co-op: IT TAKES Two is only playable locally or online in the splits screen coop. So you always need teammates. With the help of the Friend’s passport only one has to buy the game and the teammate or the teammate can happen for free

A Way Out

Number of players inside: 2 (local or online)
Genre: Action Adventure
US: from 18 years
Price: 30 Euro

That’s why it’s time: At A Way Out, the name program, and she slips into the roles of Vincent and Leo, who sitting in prison and forging a curse plan. While a player or a player deflects the wake, the other important tools can steal, or it is mutually helped with jail beating. Later, the adventure becomes a little bigger.

How does the co-op? The developers of Haze light Studios have designed a way out completely on co-op experience. The split screen is staged mineral and both players inside must work well to advance.

Far Cry 6

Number of players inside: 2 (online)
Genre: ego shooter
US: from 18 years
Price: 70 Euro

That’s why it’s time: In Far Cry 6 it goes into the fictional Yard, a place that is strongly reminiscent of Cuba. There you have to ask you as Dani Rojas against the dictator Anton Castillo (played by Giancarlo Esposito) and his son Diego. For this you explore the open Yard, shoots you through opponents and finds some cool animal companions who help you.

How does the coal work? You can play the campaign from Far Cry 6 completely into two to put the craft together with the dictator. However, only the host of the online game also collects progress.

You want more Far Cry? Also Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5 and Far Cry: New Dawn offer a similar chef concept.

80 7

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Far Cry 6 in the test — an action fest that does not know what it wants

Wallenstein: Young blood

Number of players inside: 2 (online)
Genre: ego shooter
US: from 18 years
Price: 30 Euro

That’s why: In Wallenstein: Young blood we do not slip into the skin of B.J. Blazkowicz, but take over the role of his adult twin stalks Jessie and Sofia. Together, the sisters in the Paris occupied by the Nazis Paris of the 1980s are looking for their lost father. Wolfenstein-typically is quite bloody.

How does the co-op? In the online coop you can play the complete campaign for two and put up to unlock skills and even customize your appearance.


Number of players inside: 2 (online)
Genre: Open World Action
US: from 18 years
Price: 20 Euro

That’s why it’s time: Anyone who knows the GTA series also knows what about him approximately in Saints Row 4 — only all this is much more removed. As a boss of the notorious road band 3rd Street Saints, we made it to the President of the United States and now get to do with an alien invasion. And that manifests itself in chaotic Open World Action packed with unbalanced weapons.

How does the co-op? Two players can play the entire campaign through an online connection together and complete co-missions.

Sonic Mania

Number of players inside: 2 (Local)
Genre: Jump’n’Run
US: from 6 years
Price: 20 Euro

It’s about it: In Sonic Mania, Sonic returns to old form and races through the Level together with its best buddy trails. On the way it is necessary to eliminate opponents to collect rings and discover secrets.

How does the coal work? The second player or the second player slip into the role of tails and can move as well as Sonic. With his flying, he also helps the Blue Hedgehog about challenges or makes it easier to achieve hidden platforms. But beware: The camera just pursues Sonic and tails can disappear from the picture.

Unravel 2

Number of players inside: 2 (Local)
Genre: Puzzle platformer
US: from 6 years
Price: 20 Euro

That’s why it’s about: As already in its predecessor, INVOLVED 2 is about exploring beautiful levels with the living yarn Yarn and overcome Jump’n’Run passages with the necessary cleverness.

How does the co-op? In Unravel 2, the blue YARN is used to control from the second player or the second player. The campaign can be played completely for two.

River City Girls

Number of players inside: 2 (Local)
Genre: Beat’em Up
US: from 12 years
Price: 30 Euro

Buying a PS4 in 2021

That’s why it’s about: In classic beat’em up-manner, we help in River City Girls the two high school students Kyoto and Mistake to find and rid their abducted friends. For this, the two powerful girl explore the city and bash gangsters, bandits or annoying classmates. Upgrades new attacks can be purchased.

How does the coal work? Both players In each case, take control of Kyoto Respective Mistake and can explore the game world for two. The campaign is designed on co-op and the combat system even allows a few cool community spirit.

Enter the Dungeon

Number of players inside: 2 (Local)
Genre: Roguelike
US: from 12 years
Price: 15 Euro

It’s about it: Enter the Dungeon is a roguelike with twin-stick shooter approach and lets us go to the mysterious dungeon. Packed with weapons of weapons (and word watches), it is always deepened down and against ever stronger BOSS opponents. As soon as we bless the time, we will be reset back to the beginning.

How does the coal work? The second player or the second player may control an exclusive co-op character that you find in the hub area. You can explore the Dungeon completely in the DUO and take the opponents under barring fire.

Lego City: Undercover

Number of players inside: 2 (Local)
Genre: Open World Action
US: from 6 years
Price: 60 Euro

That’s why: In Lego City: Undercover we explore a big city that consists completely from Lego and hides many hidden secrets as we are used to other Lego games. In the best Open World-Manier we explore the city, grab all kinds of vehicles and pursue the story around the police Chase McCain and his adversary Rex Fury.

How does the coal work? The second player or the second player slip into a classic coop role that has nothing to report in the story. Otherwise, both can complete the campaign completely and explore the open game world. Also, independent of each other, thanks to the automatic split screen function.

In addition to Lego City: Undercover, all the other LEGO games are worth a co-op recommendation. Here are a few examples of title of the series on the PS4:

LEGO DC Super-Villains
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
Lego the incredible
Lego Harry Potter Collection
Lego Jurassic World

Chicory: a colorful tale

Number of players inside: 2 (Local)
Genre: Action Adventure
US: from 6 years
Price: 20 Euro

It’s about it: You play a bitch or a dog, which keeps clean as a janitor in the tower of the most important person of the country. Because there is Chicory, which ensures as a holder of the brush ensures that the world is filled with colors. But a nasty power crashes Chicory in depression and henceforth you have to swing the brush and color the places.

The entire game runs from a typical 2D Zelda view. I explores villages, solves puzzle, exploring dungeons and fights bosses. Instead of having a sword, you do that with a brush that you control over the right analog stick.

How does the coop? The second player or the second player to play as a roll with a brush. So you can directly participate in the events, solve puzzles together with the other person and color the world.

Best PS4 co-op games for up to 4 players inside

Back 4 Blood

Number of players inside: up to 4 (online)
Genre: First-Person Shooter
US: from 18 years
Price: 70 Euro

That’s the point: Back 4 Blood is a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead and was developed from the original studio Turtle Rock Entertainment. Once again, a virus has broken out and transformed the people of nasty zombies and other mutants. As Cleaner, you dive into the territories of those infected and must there fighting for your survival.

How does the coop? The entire game and therefore the campaign is playable in coop. In addition, each of you has the opportunity to progress in co at character development. For that you get after completed missions cards, which you can use then.

34 2

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Number of players inside: up to 3 (online)
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
US: from 18 years
Price: 60 Euro

That’s the point: At Outrider you explore the hostile planet Enoch in search of a mysterious signal that clearly represents the last hope of the earth and a doomed humanity. You only sees but terrifying alien creatures in the way of the powerful with an arsenal weapons can be fought.

How does the coop? In Outrider there is the opportunity to experience the entire story together. First, each created their own character and must then complete the tutorial mission. After that you can the rest of the story play together.

Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

Number of players inside: 2 (locally) to 4 (online)
Genre: Action RPG
US: 16 years
Price: 40 Euro

That’s the point: The Diablo principle should be the most well known and in the revised version of Diablo 3 makes it far the most fun. You choose from one of six classes and beats you in search of better equipment with endless hordes of monsters.

How does the coop? If you are a couple, you can check out locally in split-screen through the campaign fight. Is your party but larger, attracts the online mode, up to four friends can explore at the same time the world. According to the party size are more valuable the more monsters and loot.

Diablo 2 is available now as remastered for the PlayStation 4. More about the game you read here:

118 4

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Borderlands 3

Number of players inside: 2 (locally) to 4 (online)
Genre: Shooter Loot
US: from 18 years
Price: 60 Euro

That’s the point: In Borderlands 3 we may again draw with a seemingly endless number of different shoots into battle in which each weapon is crazier than the last. This time we go to the Calypso twins and travel half the solar system to stop by their fanatical cult.

How does the coop? Who wants to play just the two can make relaxed via split screen. Online can interact directly but four exterminators, which also split-screen duo must participate.

You want more Borderlands Also Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (Borderlands 2 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel) functions according to this co-op principle.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Number of players inside: 2 (locally) to 4 (online)
Genre: RPG
US: 16 years
Price: 60 Euro

That’s the point: If you like classic role-playing, gets Divinity: Original Sin offered 2 a real highlight. In the extensive, more than 80 hours long campaign attract an epic story and a complex combat system that can let off steam with which creative players inside.

How does the coop? At home on the couch, the campaign will be played by two, the screen automatically switches to split screen if you are too far apart. Online can even join a four-party to the huge adventure play completely.

You want more Divinity Also the previous Divinity: Original Sin works for this co-op principle.

Overcooked 2

Number of players inside: up to 4 (local + online)
Genre: Strategy
US: from 6 years
Price: 25 EUR

That’s why it’s time: With Overcooked 2, it’s about the simple question of how well you can work together with your friends under pressure. As chefs, their incoming orders would have to work out and that is: fetch ingredients, prepare dishes, serve everything that washes dishes and much more. And always the time urges. Crazy ideas like a flying kitchen are just the cherry on the cream.

How does the coal work? No matter whether online or offline, you can make a team of up to four chefs to play the entire campaign. If necessary, even a mix of Loop partners who play locally and online friends who join.

You want more overcooked? The predecessor Overcooked also works according to this coup principle.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Number of players inside: up to 4 (online)
Genre: Action Role play
US: from 6 years
Price: 60 Euro

It’s about it: And unlike the main series, which works according to classical RPG rules, Dragon Quest Builder 2 is based on Minecraft. However, the little stuff is garnished with a story, many quests and RPG mechanics. There is always a red thread we can keep ourselves, even for functional living spaces there are your own instructions.

How does the coal work? The campaign itself can not be played in the coop, but you may be able to visit up to 4 players on an abandoned main island online. The serves as a hub area between the story sections and can be adapted completely to your own wishes. Building together cities and create rivers is not a problem.

Destiny 2

Number of players inside: 3 to 6 (online)
Genre: Loot shooter
US: from 16 years
Price: Free2play

It’s about it: In Destiny 2 we hop as a so-called guardian between the planets of the solar system back and forth to protect the last remainder of humanity against extraterrestrial threats. We choose a class, step skills and are always looking for better weapons to compete in strikes and raids.

How does the co-op? In the EVE areas of Destiny 2 you can summarize in teams of up to 3 people to complete Strikes. These are dungeon-like mini adventures in which a fat boss waits for you. If you want more, you can also trust RAIDS, where up to 6 players can participate in.

The Division 2

Number of players inside: 4 to 8 (online)
Genre: Loot shooter
US: from 6 years
Price: 30 Euro

That’s why it’s about: As a member of the division we fight in power vacuum of Washington, D.C. To succeed the supremacy to rebuild the US infrastructure collapsed after a smallpox pandemic. In the different areas of the city, we combat ourselves with enemy factions and stages our character in classic RPG manner.

How does the coal work? Up to 4 people can join the Division 2 to complete campaign missions. The Dark Zone, a mix of EVE and PVP area, can also be explored in the four-person team. Newly added are great raids in which up to 8 friends can attend.

Torchlight 2

Number of players inside: up to 4 (online)
Genre: Action Role play
US: from 16 years
Price: 20 Euro

That’s why it’s about: Similar to the Diablo series, Torchlight 2 is about getting deeper into dungeons, to fight monsters and get better loose. In total, four different character classes are available to choose from, which we can adapt via equipment and talent trees to our style of play.

How does the co-op? Up to 4 friends can merge online to play the Campaign of Torchlight 2 together. This is very classic about a drop in / drop out principle that dynamically adapts the difficulty of opponents to the team size.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Number of players inside: 2 (locally) up to 4 (online)
Genre: Third-person shooter
US: from 12 years
Price: 20 Euro

That’s why: In Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 goes the franchise originally known as a mobile game in the next shooter round. We decide for one of the two sides and can then proceed with different zombie or plant classes against each other side to drive them out of the city.

How does the co-op? Offline can do two players in the split screen special co-op missions, whereby online even teams can be assembled from 4 friends. In addition, all multiplayer modes can also be played in the coop against I opponents.

World was z

Number of players inside: up to 4 (online)
Genre: Third-person shooter
US: from 18 years
Price: 40 Euro

That’s why it’s: World was Z is a co-shooter for up to four players, based on the novel and film template of the same name. This is how it works in the 3rd person shooter to New York, Moscow, Tokyo and Israel and in the fight against up to 500 zombies at the same time, which waves and stay together as in the film.

How does the coal work? You connect you in the lobby before each mission and can then experience the individual story sequences that usually run in a Horde mode. You will find new Loot, weapons and more, which in turn can play on higher levels of difficulty.

Remnant: from the ashes

Number of players inside: Up to 3 (online)
Genre: Third-person shooter
US: from 16 years
Price: 40 Euro

That’s why it’s : In the action title Remnant: From the Ashes we start alone or in the coop with up to two other players as survivors against a monster army. The so-called seed has made the world subtitan. Playful is a mixture of shooter and soulslike. At the beginning of the game, we choose one of three classes and fall into the world with shooting iron and melee weapon.

How does the co-op? You can in Remnant: from the Ashes to experience the entire story together. First, everyone creates their own character and then must complete the tutorial mission. After that you can play the rest of the story together.

But attention, because only the host makes correct progress with his character. Although you reserve all the revenue upgrades, Loot and more, but you want to continue playing alone, do not take the story progress from the co-op session.

Marvel’s Avengers

Number of players inside: up to 4 (online)
Genre: Action
US: from 12 years
Price: 60 Euro

It’s about it : In Marvel’s Avengers, you experience the story of the famous superhero Squad, who goes after a disaster but goes separate ways. As Kamala Khan Aka Ms. Marvel you have to bring the heroes together again and find out who is really behind the catastrophe. Playfully, Marvel’s Avengers is a co-op Loot game with a focus on melee action.

How does the co-op? In special multiplayer missions and wide parts of the campaign you can complete the orders with up to four heroes at the same time. If you are not too fourth, the rest is filled with the I or other players online.

Dragon’s Crown Pro

Number of players inside: Up to 4 (Local & Online)
Genre: Action
US: from 12 years
Price: 30 Euro

It’s about it : in Dragon’s Crown Pro awaits you a coop beat ’em up with a Middle Ages setting. You choose between six different classes and then fight for monsters like vampires, harpies, trolls and more. The special feature is the hand drawn graphic style for the developer Vanilla ware (13 Sentinels: Aegis RIM) is known.

How does the co-op? You can connect you to a group at any time and complete the entire history and all the co-missions online both locally and online. Since Dragon’s Crown is also a roleplaying game, but the missions have certain level restrictions, which is why they play with characters that have the same level.

Monster Hunter World

Number of players inside: up to 4 (online)
Genre: Action
US: from 12 years
Price: 20 Euro (main game single), 30 Euro (Ice borne single) 40 Euro (main game + Ice borne)

That’s why: In Monster Hunter World and the associated add-on Monster Hunter World: Ice borne is the name program. Either alone or with up to four friends you will make you a variety of monsters, defeat them with different weapons and collects crafting materials to become stronger.

How does the coal work? At first you meet you in the village and connects to a group. There you can then jointly determine which monster is to be hunted, prepare for the mission and attracts jointly into the hunting area.

Sack boy: A Big Adventure

Number of players inside: Up to 4 (Local & Online)
Genre: Jump ‘N’ Run
US: from 6 years
Price: 70 Euro

That’s why it’s time: Sack is back! In Sack boy: A Big Adventure has left the cuddly fabric figure behind the Level Editor and now runs out in a pure Jump & Run.

How does the co-op? In the typical drop-in / drop-out principle, you can always switch off the coop at any time. For the online multiplayer you have to invite your friends before a level and preview the latest patch. Cross-gene coop with PS4 and PS5 is possible

Streets of Rage 4

Number of players inside: Up to 4 (Local & Online)
US: from 12 years
Price: 25 Euro

That’s why: In the standard tradition, you run in Streets of Rage 4 with one of the initially four selectable figures 12 thematically different levels from left to right and beats a lot of boner boys from the slippers. Your goal: the offspring of Serial Teal Weight Mr. X

How does the co-op? You can easily add more players while choosing the character selection. In the same screen you can also invite friends for an online session.

The best PS4 co-op games for up to 8 players inside (and more)

terr aria

Number of players inside: Up to 8 (online)
Genre: Survival RPG
US: from 6 years
Price: 20 Euro

That’s why it’s about: In Terr aria, it’s all about finding themselves in a procedural world and to build a home via a complex crafting system. In between, resources need to be sought and a lot of enemies are fought. The 2D look reminds of its simply held pixel sprites to the SNES era.

How does the co-op? Online can come up to 8 players in order to work together on construction projects or explore the endless world. Terr aria’s sandbox character allows almost infinite opportunities to have fun together.


Number of players inside: up to 4 (locally) up to 8 (online)
Genre: Sandbox / Survival
US: from 6 years
Price: 20 Euro

That’s why it’s about: Minecraft must hardly be explained big. In a huge, procedural world that we explore from the ego perspective, we can build everything possible from blocks. Countless updates have created a tremendous pool of crafting recipes and systems over the years, which even enable simple programming languages. Who wants, can also experience Minecraft as Survival-RPG, which slowly but certainly builds us major dwellings.

How does the co-op? Alone in the local coop alone, up to 4 friends can go into a world via Silkscreen to work on projects. On an online server, even up to 8 players are possible, which can move independently and freely in the common world.

Human: Fall Flat

Number of players inside: 2 (Local) up to 8 (online)
Genre: Skill
US: from 12 years
Price: 15 Euro

That’s why it’s : in Human: Fall If you have to solve your physics-based puzzles together. For this you play the somewhat awkward Bob, whose movements are not scripted but based on physics. So you dissolve on a funny way switch puzzle, moves crates and falls more than once on the floor.

How does the co-op? You can find you together in the main menu to a group and can then simply select one of the numerous levels.

Do not Starve Together

Number of players inside: 2 (locally) up to 6 (online)
Genre: Survival
US: from 12 years
Price: 15 Euro

That’s why it’s: In Do not Starve is the name program, so it is primarily about staring in a strange, Tim Burton-Esken world to starve, to be killed or losing the mind. So we have to explore the world, ensure adequate light and food and defend us against monsters in the worst trap. The ubiquitous scary mood does the rest.

How does the co-op? With the standalone extension Do not Starve Together, we may now also fight with friends to survive. Offline we can try to delay our demise for two. Online it can even be 6 friends, each having the choice between different characters, each bringing special features.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Number of players inside: At least 2, maximum unlimited (local)
Genre: Puzzle
US: from 12 years
Price: 15 Euro
PSV Optional but recommended

That’s why it’s : One of you either looks a bomb on the TV or in the VR headset and now has the task to defuse them. The instructions come from the friends who see the puzzle with a guide and explanations, which sees the bomb shear or bomb wicker.

How does the co-op? Do not you have PSV at hand, then one thing plays on TV, while the others can search either on a second screen or print out the instructions for instructions. If you play with VR, then the instructions are displayed digitally on the TV.

no man’s sky

Number of players inside: Up to 8 (online)
Genre: Sandbox / Survival
US: from 6 years
Price: 40 Euro

That’s why it’s about: In no man’s sky, we do not just travel out foreign planets, there is even almost infinite. The foreign worlds are generated procedure and differ in terms of flora, fauna, weather, geography and more. We can either always explore new planets with our spaceship, or settle us and build a large space base.

How does the multiplayer? For Launch No Man’s Sky was criticized for missing multiplayer features, but now they are now able to frolic up to 8 teammates online to explore the universe together. Off the sandbox content, such as its own space bases, there are also separate co-op missions that can be completed in the team.


Number of players inside: up to 6 (online)
Genre: Action Role play
US: from 18 years
Price: Free2play

That’s why: If you want to play Path of Exile, you do not have to pay anything, because the Diablo-like action RPG sets a free to play model. Then you may immediately choose a class and make a thousand of monsters to farm better equipment for your character. Especially in terms of character development, including gigantic talent tree, Path of exile can convince with complexity.

How does the coal? Instead of just putting on the usual four-party party, we are allowed to sneak in Path of Exile with 6 friends through the long campaign. Loop partners can always log in and out at any time, with the dungeons being randomized each time.

Which co-op games can you still recommend on the PS4?

5 Best Free Fire Eligible to get with gold coins for aggressive game style

A gold coin is a coin that is made mostly or entirely of gold. The majority of gold coins minted considering that 1800 are 90– 92% gold (22 karat), while the majority of today’s gold bullion coins are pure gold, such as the Britannia, Canadian Maple Leaf, as well as American Buffalo. Alloyed gold coins, like the American Gold Eagle and also South African Krugerrand, are normally 91.7% gold by weight, with the remainder being silver as well as copper.
Generally (as much as about the 1930s), gold coins have been flow coins, consisting of coin-like bracteates as well as dinars. Considering that recent decades, nonetheless, gold coins are mostly produced as bullion coins to financiers and also as celebratory coins to collection agencies. While modern gold coins are additionally legal tender, they are not observed in day-to-day economic deals, as the steel worth usually goes beyond the nominal worth. As an example, the American Gold Eagle, provided a religion of 10 USD, has a metal worth of greater than $800 USD (being around a fifty percent an ounce).
The gold reserves of reserve banks are dominated by gold bars, yet gold coins might occasionally add.
Gold has been used as cash for many factors. It is fungible, with a reduced spread in between the rates to deal. Gold is also easily mobile, as it has a high value-to-weight proportion, compared to various other products, such as silver. Gold can be re-coined, split into smaller sized units, or re-melted into bigger devices such as gold bars, without ruining its steel worth. The thickness of gold is greater than many various other steels, making it difficult to pass imitations. Furthermore, gold is extremely unreactive, hence it does not taint or wear away gradually.

Buying a character in Free Fire can be an expensive matter for players. Most characters have to be bought by using gold coins or diamonds (in-game postures).

While diamonds are purchased using real money, players have the option to get gold coins through in-game events and awards. The players who are in the aggressive gameplay, they can only buy the following characters using gold coins.

Free Fire Characters that can be purchased from gold coins for aggressive gameplay

1 . Rafael

Price: 8000 gold coins

There is a passive potential in Rafael, which is called Dead Silent, which has a silent effect on Marseman Rifles and Snippers. Enemies in Rafael are also harmed to HP, which is very fast compared to normal scenarios.

2. Miguelo

Price: 8000 gold coins

Miguel is also a passive free fire Character, who has the capacity called Crazy Slayer. Using this ability, the player can get EP for each hitting. At the time the EP can be changed later in HP.

3 . Olivia

Price: 2000 gold coins

Olivia is one of the oldest characters of Free Fire. He helps in the revival of the colleagues. His ability, healing touch, allows players to recover additional HPs fixed by Olivia.

4 . Hayato

Top 10 F2P Units In Fire Emblem Heroes

Price: 8000 gold coins

Hyato is one of the few free Fire which is a awakening form in the characters. She is one of the most powerful passive characters of the game. His ability, Bushdo, the maximum HP of the player enhances the penetration of the armor.

5 . Misha

Price: 8000 gold coins

Misha’s passive potential makes it difficult to target while driving for enemies. His ability, afterbufter, enhances the driving speed of that vehicle, which is commanding Misha. It also reduces the damage happened inside the vehicle.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the author’s opinion. Character selection is a personal decision, and giving a priority to the other completely depends on a person’s game style .

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5 Most Expensive Characters in Free Fire after OB29 Update

Captain John Price is an imaginary character in the Phone call of Duty series. He is the primary protagonist of the Modern War sub-series being among 2 personalities to be included in all of the games in the sub-series, the other being Nikolai. Price first rated as a lieutenant, and worked as a sniper under the orders of Captain MacMillan, joining a mission to assassinate Ultranationalist Leader Imran Zakhaev in Pripyat, Ukraine in 1996. He was after that advertised to a Captain and also organized an Unique Air Service team, codenamed Bravo Team , that included Soap MacTavish, prior to being held detainee in a Russian gulag after Find Makarov: Operation Kingfish. Price was well obtained by movie critics and also came to be one of one of the most popular Telephone call of Task personalities.

The essence of the character has become Garena Free Fire. They have unique capabilities that help players defeat their enemies. Developers are not shocked by issuing new characters, the latest inclusions and Dimitri, which was added after OB29 updates.

They have become extremely important due to their competitive advantage. Some characters are available for both gold and diamonds; However, some more specific items can be bought only with diamonds.

Note: The list is not in a particular order because the price of all the characters is the same. Also, the qualifications given below are at the highest level.

The most expensive character in Free Fire

The most expensive characters are given here before the Free Fire OB29 update:

5) Thiva

Qualification: Important Vibes

Price: 599 diamonds

In collaboration with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Thiva made his place in Free Fire. He was available for free as a login reward on the extreme day of the fourth anniversary ceremony. At present, he has to pay the price of diamond to get it from the store.

Vital Vibes’s ability to raise the speed of reviving the team’s companions up to 20%. Also, on successfully rescue, the user will recover 40 Health Points in 5 seconds.

4) Dimitri

Qualification: Healing Hartbeat

Price: 599 diamonds

Dimitri was first introduced in a top-up event and now it is available in the store for 599 diamonds. When active, this capacity creates 3.5 healing zones within which the user will compensate for 3 HP per second for 15 seconds.

Apart from this, users and colleagues within this area can also recover themselves when down. Coldown is 60 seconds for this ability.

3) Krono

Qualification: Time Turner

Price: 599 diamonds

Crono in the game is the most popular Character. Users can spend 599 diamonds as the in-game incarnation of football veteran Christiano Ronaldo. Crono’s ability, Time Turner, creates a force area which will prevent 600 damage and increase the speed of the movement up to 15%.

In addition, these effects go up to 8 seconds, and the coldown is set to 170 seconds.


Qualification: Master of all

Price: 599 diamonds

The master of all is an active ability in which there are many game modes – Ju-Jitsu mode and psychology mode. On equipping capacity, maximum health points will increase. The first mode will increase the HP conversion rate to 500% from the EP. On the other hand, psychology mode will restore 2 EP to 150 EP in every 2 seconds.

The player can get K for 599 diamonds from the in-game shop.

1) Alok

Qualification: Start playing

Price: 599 diamonds

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Fire Emblem Heroes - Skill Inheritance Guide + Analysis & Discussion
Alok in Free Fire is arguably the most favorite character and it can be purchased for 599 diamonds. When users use this capacity, it creates 5m aura, which boosts the speed of the associate up to 15%. Also, users will also get 5 HP in every second for 10 seconds.

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