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From May 2022: Changes to Aldi, Lidl and online

There are many changes in Germany in May 2022. Among other things, there are new rules on Amazon and Ebay as well as in the supermarket and for beer lovers.

Hamm – In May 2022, there are again some changes in Germany come into force that affect the daily life of millions of people. In the so-called bliss month, the innovations concern online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, supermarkets and discounters such as Aldi, Lidl or Kaufland as well as beer drinkers.

Changes in May 2022: New rules for eBay and Amazon – consumers benefit

Millions of users buy on eBay or Amazon every day. New rules will apply to such online marketplaces from the end of May. More precisely, new information obligations come into force on May 28, 2022, as the NRW consumer center reports.

So far, the operators have mostly left their users in the unclear about why which products are displayed at which point in the list of results. However, they will soon be obliged, reports Wa.de.

Changes in May 2022: Ticket exchanges have to uncover additional costs

The change also affects comparison portals such as Check24 or Verivox. From May 28, these must also disclose which providers were taken into account in a comparison.

Ticket exchanges are also obliged to provide information about the original price of tickets in order to clarify buyers about additional calculated costs and fees. Violations of the new information obligations can be expensive.

According to the consumer center, fines up to 50,000 euros are possible. Companies with annual sales of more than 1.25 million euros can be punished with a fine of up to 4 percent of sales.

Changes in May 2022: Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and Co.

There will also be changes when shopping in May 2022. Price comparisons for supermarkets and discounters should become easier for customers from May 28th.

So far, basic prices on the price tags at Aldi, Lidl, Kaufland and Co. have been presented differently. Sometimes the price is given per 100 grams, sometimes per kilogram. The latter will soon be the only basic price due to a change in the law that may be presented.

With every food in retail, according to the new price adjustment regulations, it must be evident at a glance how expensive a kilogram or a liter of the product is. Consumers can therefore compare prices more easily without having to convert themselves.

Changes in May 2022: Supermarkets and discounter should throw away fewer foods

Another change, of which there are several in 2022, such as innovations in the post office, salary and deposit, should reduce food waste in supermarkets and discounters. A new law states that foods that are discounted due to an approaching best -before date only have to be awarded the statement of what percentage the price is reduced. A total price and basic price then no longer have to be specified.

Everything that changes in Germany in May 2022|Germany Latest May 2022 updates #may2022germanyupdate

However, according to the consumer center, this procedure is already used for many retailers. So whether this gives less food away is questionable.

Changes in May 2022: No more corona rules in the workplace

The Corona rules at work may also change in May. Because the current occupational safety regulation expires on May 25, 2022.

If it is not extended, the last existing regulations would also be omitted – and working would be possible everywhere as before pandemic. However, this should already be the case in some companies, since the companies already decide for themselves whether and which rules still apply.

Changes in May 2022: More collateral for coffee trips

If you take part in a so -called coffee trip from May 28th, you have to be less concerned to be ripped off. Because a change ensures that in the future it will generally be banned at such events to sell insurance, building society contracts, medical devices and nutritional supplements.

In addition, organizers of coffee trips will have to better inform the participants about their rights in the future. The fine for violations was increased from 1000 to 10,000 euros.

changes in May 2022: Beer prices increase

Beer drinkers will soon have to dig deeper into their pockets: After some breweries increased the beer prices in April, more will follow up in May.

For example, the Radeberger and Bitburger Group have announced that their beers will become more expensive- according to the food newspaper around 6 to 7 euros per hectoliter. The increase in prices initially only affects the dealers, but it can be assumed that they will pass on the additional costs to consumers.

Rubric list picture: © xim.gs/imago;
Jürgen Ritter/Imago;
Collage: Sabrina Wagner/supermarkets

Telekom, Vodafone and other providers: cost trap disappears

Through a new law, customers of Telekom and Vodafone can save money. Because this disappears annoying costs.

Dortmund – a price premium for mobile users should finally belong to the past. This has been considered since the first of April for customers of Telekom, Vodafone and other mobile service providers.

Change in Telekom, Vodafone and other providers: This cost trap disappears

For the year 2022 a new cost trap threatens, but an old one will no longer exist. Numbers With the area code 0137, according to CHIP.de are happy to be used for votes or competitions on TV. However, the calls from the mobile network were very expensive so far.

The Cost of Consolidation

Now the prices for calls to numbers with this area code in the mobile network were aligned from the fixed network. Calls with the phone to these numbers should not be so expensive. Instead, mobile service providers can only charge as much as a comparable call would have cost in the landline (more digital news at mobile).

These prices can now set users:

Change in Telekom, Vodafone and other providers: This law ensures change

The new prices have been valid since the beginning of April for the numbers with the area code 0137. Reason for the change should be an order of the Federal Network Agency of August 2021. Already in December 2021, the cost of numbers with the area code 0180 had to be reduced due to this item. This area code should be used mainly for service hotlines.

To date, 42 cents per minute should have been customary by the mobile phone as I Nside-digital.de reported. Many companies that have achieved their service numbers and call centers via these numbers should have already introduced a landline number in recent years. Among other things, Deutsche Bahn as well as Hermes should be counted.

These prices have been valid for 0180 numbers:

Although prices have fallen, they continue to create extra costs. This also applies to landline calls, because even there such calls are billed separately. Consumers should continue to be alert and careful.

Category list picture: © Matthias Oesterle / Imago Images

Graphics Card User: NVIDIA encourages PC

To get new NVIDIA graphics cards for the EIA is currently almost impossible. But even if PC players make it to accomplish this feat, they should experience a nasty surprise at the next drop – because Nvidia has increased prices shortly.

RTX graphics cards are more expensive: Nvidia turns on the price screw

Do you still remember the start of NVIDIA’s new RTX 3000 graphics cards? An RTX 3070 was advertised with an EIA of 499 euros, the RTX 3080 should cost 699 euros and on the price tag of the RTX 3090 stood 1,499 euros. Already in the spring of 2021 NVIDIA then increased the prices for the first time between 20 and 50 euros – but that does not seem to have been enough to the graphics card company.

Because who raises a look into the official NVIDIA shop will notice that the prices of the current RTX models have increased again . Depending on the model, buyers have to override between 20 and 100 euros more:

  • RTX 3090: Price rises from 1,549 to 1,649 Euro
  • RTX 3080 Ti: Price rises from 1,199 to 1,269 Euro
  • RTX 3080: Price rises from 719 759 Euro
  • RTX 3070 Ti: Price rises from 619 649 Euro
  • RTX 3070: Price rises from 519 549 Euro
  • RTX 3060 Ti: Price rises from 419 439 Euro

According to the computer base information, NVIDIA distributors have pointed out to consider price adjustments at the next drop (source: Computerate).

PAUKENBUCK IN GAMING SECTOR: Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard! More about this in the current episode of the GIG HEADLINES:

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NVIDIA Explanation: Price increase triggered by inflation

From the same notification, the official statement NVIDIA also emerges for the price increase: the company reports that one has determined to the price increase to respond to inflation . This was in 2021 in Europe at proud 5 percent, in Germany at 3.1 percent.


Gaming graphics cards 2022: The best GPUs of Nvidia and AMD

Daniel Carat

Depending on the model, the graphics card prices increased by 5 to 6.5 percent. Nvidia beats additional profit from these changes. In addition, the price adjustment for many players is another blow in the face . Whether this price adjustment NVIDIA will be noticeable in the Custom models, remains to be seen. The prices on the free market are currently already 80 percent above the EIA anyway. We’ll keep you up to date.

PCGH News from 13 11 CPU Market Overview and SSD Controller for PCI

Ry zen (Ryan) is a brand name of multi-core x86-64 microprocessors designed as well as marketed by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) for desktop computer, mobile, server, and embedded systems based upon the Zen microarchitecture. It includes main handling units (CPUs) marketed for mainstream, fanatic, server, and also workstation segments and sped up refining systems (Apes) marketed for mainstream and entry-level sectors and also embedded systems applications.
AMD formally introduced a new collection of CPUs, called Ry zen, during its New Perspective top on December 13, 2016, and also introduced Ry zen 1000 series CPUs in February 2017 featuring approximately 8 cores and 16 threads with a +52% IPC boost over their previous CPU products, which launched on March 2, 2017. The 2nd generation of Ry zen CPUs, the Ry zen 2000 collection, includes the Zen+ microarchitecture, an incremental enhancement built on a 12 nm process modern technology from GlobalFoundries that was released in April 2018 and also featured an ordinary 10% overall accumulated efficiency increase (≈ 3% IPC, 6% regularity, 10% overall) over Ry zen 1000 processors that first launched in 2017. Most notably however, Zen+ substantially enhanced cache and also memory latencies, which were a significant weak point of the initial Zen layout; causing some specifically latency sensitive work having IPC gains of almost ≈ 10%. The 3rd generation of Ry zen processors introduced on July 7, 2019, as well as based upon AMD s Zen 2 architecture, features more significant design enhancements with a 15% average IPC boost, an increasing of floating point capacity, a change to an MCM chaplet based bundle layout, and also an additional diminish to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Firm s (TSMC) 7 nm fabrication process. On June 16, 2020, AMD revealed new Ry zen 3000 collection AT processors with 4% higher boost clocks versus non AT CPUs. On October 8, 2020, AMD revealed the extremely anticipated Zen 3 architecture for their Ry zen 5000 series CPUs, featuring a 19% guidelines per cycle (IPC) improvement over Zen 2, while being improved the exact same 7 nm TSMC node without of the box operating boost frequencies exceeding 5 GHz for AMD s very first time because Pile driver With the launch of Zen 3 by means of the Ry zen 5000 series, AMD has actually taken the video gaming performance crown from Intel, and also is a crucial efficiency landmark in itself as PC gaming performance is based on solitary thread performance over all else. A bulk of AMD s consumer Ry zen items utilize the Socket AM4 platform. In August 2017, AMD released their Ry zen Thread ripper line targeted at the lover workstation market. AMD Ryzen Thread ripper utilizes the bigger TR4, sTRX4, and sWRX8 outlets, which sustain added memory networks and PCI Express lanes.
In December 2019, AMD began generating very first generation Ry zen products developed utilizing the 2nd generation Zen+ architecture. The most notable instance is Ry zen 5 1600, with most recent sets, having AF identifier as opposed to its usual AE, being basically a readied Ry zen 5 2600 with the same specifications as the initial Ry zen 5 1600.

Ry zen Price Staff stays out and juicy Alder-Lake prices

So we had hoped a bit that the market launch of the new Intel generation mixed the price structure with the AMD CPUs. But Alder-Lake is not ranging the Ry zen prices so. The Ry zen price fall from a few weeks ago is over and has not been continued.

The colleagues of 3DCenter.org have summarized a beautiful overview of both manufacturers in a table. The new Alder-Lake CPUs are priced between the respective Ry zen models and thus from the point of view of a gamer have a slightly better price-performance ratio.

The current Intel CPUs called the Early Adopter Prices. So if you can wait something else, you should do that, because after the Christmas business tumbles there also determines the CPU prices.

Lego Star Wars at-at

Lego lays down at the Star Wars front and presents the AT-AT from The Empire beats back, as part of the Ultimate Collector Series.

As for LEGO, this is not quite cheap. The AT-AT will cost €800 with its 6785 blocks. These are converted 11 cents per component! The AT-AT is thus besides the Millennium Fallen the second waxiest UCS set with STAR-WARS license.
The finished model is 62 x 69 x 24 cm tall and can thereby show some details, so you can take a look into the inner life of the IMPROPER by opening the side wall. The set starts on the market on November 26th.

FIERCE Alder-Lake Prizes, LEGO At-At, SSD Controller for PCI-E 5.0 | Hardware News 13.11.

SSD Controller for PCI-E 5.0

The South Korean start-up company FADE has announced the development of its first SSD controller for PCI-Express 5.0. A reader rate of 14.6 GB / S, a write rate of 10.4 GB / s and up to 3.4 million IOPS are targeted. However, target group are server customers. The controller offers a total of 16 channels to the NAND flash, but only needs to be developed, because correspondingly faster Flash does not exist.

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Steam: The average PC player is 38 years

Who believes that teenagers and young adults spend their free time with gambling, who is mistaken. An evaluation of user statistics of gaming platforms now refutes this prejudice. Now, according to analysis of the average PC players is 38 years old. As a PC player, people were classified, which have spent more than six hours a week with PC games and have acquired at least a new game last year. Steam uses further records and in the first year of pandemic experienced a momentum increase of 50.7 percent to 31.3 billion hours. Steam represents an absolute monopoly on the PC market and relies on 75 percent of all games sold.

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