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Essence of Team Ninja Action! Waryong: Fallen Dynasty

Numerous souls who only followed the original Soul series. There was a game that was outstanding among them, so that’s the Inwang series developed by Team Ninja. Based on Soul Lake, posture and lingering, numerous items builds, and skill systems have differentiated their charm from other Soul Lake, and have been loved by many gamers. The team ninja came back. The main character is ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ set against Koei Techmo’s core IP Three Kingdoms.


As Team Ninja, who developed the Inwang series, is being developed, ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ is a game that is a different game from the Mu-Series, the Three Kingdoms action game that represents Koei Techmo. It is a Dark Three Kingdoms and is closer to the Inwang series than the Warriors.

The trailer reveals the ghosts that block the protagonist and some of the actions pursued by ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’. Although it is said to be close to the Inwang series, the action of ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ is very different from the Inwang series. Above all, you can see that the new action element has been added and jumped. In the Inwang series, it was a way to prevent or avoid enemy attacks, but ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ added a bounce here.

The bouncing seems to work in two forms. The general enemies can be attacked by the attack, and the enemy is literally a letter and a gap. Jumps are similar. Basically, the enemy’s attack can be avoided. Compared to the Inwang series, the number of actions has increased.

In addition to the direct combat system, the presence of skills assisting the battle can also be found in this video. In the video, there are three skills, which are giving them a blanket attribute, the brain sake of the Inwang series, and the skills that summon the guardian spirit to attack the enemy. It is also in the Inwang series, and it is not likely to be very different in ‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’.

‘Waryong: Fallen Dynasty’ will be released in 2023 on PCs, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX | S. Meanwhile, the first demo version will be exhibited at the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which will be held from September 15 to 18 before the official launch.

Xbox Series X | S has no plans to increase the price … MS answers with rivals, PS5.

Microsoft has revealed that there is no plan to increase the price of Xbox Series X | S for interviews with overseas media, which was raised in PlayStation 5.


This was revealed in interviews with overseas media Windows Central. There was a concern that the price increase of the PS5 price was raised and there was a concern that the price increase of the rival Xbox Series X | S, but the Microsoft spokeswoman is now on sale in any area on sale. I answered that there is no. In Japan, Xbox Seriesx can be sold at 54,978 yen including tax and Xbox Series S at 32,978 yen including tax.

With the price increase of PlayStation 5 announced yesterday on August 25, the regular and digital editions have risen due to the impact on business in the world. Regarding the game hardware, the most popular stand-alone VR headset Meta Quest 2 in Steam also announced a price increase of more than 20,000 yen, so there are concerns about the rise in other game hardware such as Xbox and Nintendo Switch. It is in the state. However, this time, at least Xbox has been revealed that there is no plan to increase the price, and has shown that the switch is an interview with the Nikkei ASIA on August 11th.

Medieval Strategy Curseid Kings III Domestic PS5/Xbox Series X

DMM Games announced on August 22 that * Crusader Kings III (Crusader Kings III) will be released on September 1 for PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The price is 7920 yen for the regular version and 9900 yen for the royal edition (all including tax).

Kurcaded Kings III is the latest work of the Strategy game Kurcad Kings series set in the Middle Ages. Development is handled by Paradox Development Studio, a subsidiary of Paradox Interactive. Players will become the lord of countries such as Europe and the Middle East, survive the turbulent era of war and conspiracy, and prosper the dynasty. Character makeup is also possible, and you can also put yourself in the world of war with an original monarch who freely set the appearance.

New elements from this work include stress systems that will be adversely affected by illness if you continue to act against the character of the character, and lifestyles that enhance skills into negotiations, military, management, strategies, and academic knowledge. do. In addition, multiplayer up to 12 players is also possible. Whether the players cooperate and hostile, each person is free.

The extended pack Royal Court adds more various elements. Introduced elements such as construction between the thrones that can show off the power of the dynasty, responding to court ministers seeking the ruling of the king, and requesting jobs for jewelry and weaving craftsmen. Cultural systems are greatly renewed, enabling appropriate benefits to the kingdom’s terrain, giving the army a new reward, or letting subordinate countries learn new languages. In addition, new elements such as hybridization that fuse the culture of people under control, and divergence, in which one culture is subdivided and changed.

This work has gathered 51,945 reviews in Steam user reviews, of which 92 % have been popular. It seems that the strategy to manage the vivid medieval human relationship, such as the inheritance struggle of the territory and the mood of the church, and the church, are being evaluated.

The Xbox Series X | S version was postponed to summer, although the Japanese version was scheduled to be released on March 30 from DMM Games. This time, the release date scheduled for summer was decided on September 1st. It seems to be a release with PS5/Xbox Series X | S. You will be able to play high-rated medieval strategy in Japanese in the domestic console.

Crusader Kings III (Crusader Kings III) will be released on September 1 for domestic PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The price is 7920 yen for the regular version, and the royal edition including additional content such as Royal Court is 9900 yen (all including tax).

When does FIFA 23 come out and how to reserve?

Wanting ** Do you know exactly when FIFA 23 comes out? Fortunately, a release date has just been confirmed. Here is everything you need to know.

FIFA 23 launch date

FIFA 23 goes on sale worldwide on September 30, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. Rumors had run rampant for weeks that this was the launch, and now EA has officially confirmed it.

You can consult the complete statement and the details of the launch that were announced on the earlier website below.

When does the FIFA 23 early access test start?

Here are the complete details of the launch date of FIFA 23:

EA Play early access test: September 27, 2022 *
Access to EA Play Pro Ultimate Edition (PC): September 27, 2022
definitive edition of FIFA September 23, 2022
* Standard FIFA edition 23: September 30, 2022

How to book FIFA 23

Any person interested in booking FIFA 23 can do so following this link. Once on the site, you can select PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC or Stadia as its favorite platform and then finish your order.

That is all you need to know about the launch date of FIFA 23. To get more information, even if the game is cross-played, see the related items below, since it includes many news, characteristics and guides about the series that fans will surely love.

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10 games that were eliminated before their release

Not every encouraging game task is likewise published in the end. Particularly when the anticipation is really large, this can cause genuine disappointments. In this picture series we show you 10 video games, which however went out on the means to the release.

why did these games never ever show up?

Today we look at the cemetery of the amazing game suggestions: A number of video games were never permitted to see the light of day during their advancement. The reasons for this can be differed. It is clear that it is not an easy task and many stumbling blocks can imply that for you.

And also often, if also a great deal of cash has actually flowed into manufacturing. In the adhering to picture series we take a look at the appealing, and also partly currently waited for games, as well as brighten the background , that ultimately led to decline. Have fun!
| Go here for the picture series of our coworkers from Giga Games: 10 video games that have actually never shown up sadly **


Which hidden games surprised you? Or do you already recognize all the video games listed? As well as do you know any type of various other interesting game projects that have deficient to the release?

Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi: The director denies the appearance of an iconic character in the Disney+ series

Rarely a Star Wars series will have been so talked about before its release as Obi-Wan Kenobi. And for good reason: if it is an original story, this mini-series brings back several actors in the prelogy. This state of affairs asks many questions about the potential return of other characters.


The series _ Obi-Wan Kenobi_ will arrive on May 27 , in the middle of the Star Wars Celebration, which will take place in Anaheim from May 26 to 29. The opportunity to highlight the series, and to encourage Disney+ subscribers to take a look at the announcements.

Obi-Wan: a highly anticipated return

As announced, Obi Wan Kenobi will allow Ewan McGregor to become the Jedi Knight , for an adventure for a few years after the end of episode III . The Jedi were decimated, and Obi Wan took Luke, just born, to his family on Tatooine.

Knowing the power of force in this family for having been the mentor of Anakin Skywalker before he became Dark Vader, he decided to stay hidden on the planet to watch over the offspring of his former Padawan.

Surprises and cameos that make fans dream

But Vader is not very far, since we will find him in the guise of Hayden Christensen . Joel Edgerton will also resume his role as Owen Lars, then the fans wonder if other characters could not appear or at least be mentioned.

A question whose legitimacy has been reinforced by the statements of Rupert Friend , which embodies the great inquisitor. He indicated that one could expect a lot of surprises and cameos. Among the most insistent rumors, there is one that evokes the case of Dark Maul .

The director of the calm series everyone

Murder of Qui-Gon Jinn, the master of Obi-Wan, Maul was cut in two by the latter, before reappearing in star Wars the Clone Wars and Rebels. Dark Maul and Obi-Wan are therefore closely linked, and the idea of seeing him did not seem better. Unfortunately, it is obviously necessary to make a cross on this hope , since he was completely denied by Deborah Chow, the director of the series, in the columns of The Hollywood Reporter.

Since I was involved, we have never had Dark Maul in mind. Dave Filoni has already done a great job by telling this story.

This has the merit of being clear, even if some people can be disappointed. As a reminder, the Obi-Wan series was expected on May 25, but was postponed to correspond to the dates of the Star Wars Celebration. In compensation, on May 27, we will not have the right to one but two episodes **. Then they will arrive at the rate of one episode per week the next four weeks.


Obi-Wan Kenobi Director Teases Surprising Character Appearances l Hayden Teases Darth Vader's Future

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The Last of Us Serial: New photo immediately awakens remembrance of exciting game

If we were dependent on the official information alone, we would hardly know about HBOS The Last of US SeriesAdaption. Fortunately, there are the curious fans who pilgrims to the locations and provide us with new information appetizers again and again. There is now a photo that reminds of a strong scene from the game.

THE LAST OF US - HBO Series TEASER TRAILER (2022) Feat. Pedro Pascal As Joel & Bell Ramsey As Ellie

Scene from the game

It’s about it: The new picture on the Fan Twitter The Last of US Updates (@ThelastofusNews) had a new image alone looks a bit unspectacular at first glance. We see a run-down building, many people, refuse containers and two cars. But with the shared info, all fans of the game are likely to have the same scene filmed there:

Unfortunately, I did not get a video, but they have just filmed a scene in which a truck is crashed into a laundromat.

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This awakens memories of the game: With “Truck” the pick up could be meant, which we see on the left in the picture or a similar vehicle. With a pick up truck Joel and Ellie in the game crash into a building. It is a scene in which some of us have stopped the breath.

The two finally managed to get a car and reach Pittsburgh. There they advised them into an ambush and are attacked with firearms and stones. Then Joel crashes with the car into a building where the two get out and have a dramatically staged fight.

More from the Last of US Universe:

  • The Last of US Series by HBO: Start, Cast, Story – All known info
  • The Last of US 2 Multiplayer should be like Escape from Tarkov and it even sounds realistic
  • The Last of Us: SetPhotos show that the series plays in places, which never existed in the game

Here you can recall the scene from the game again:

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Differences to the game: Presumably we can look forward to that this scene is adapted for the series, even if there is probably small deviations. For example, the building does not look like a laundrette in the game, but rather like a grocery store.

Fan material has already made us aware of the differences and similarities of game and series more frequently. Of course, a reaction would not work one thing about one, but as far as small details and the overall death are concerned, the adaptation so far makes a very good impression.

Do you remind you of the scene and you’re looking forward to when she lands in the series?

Update of State of Decay 3 Provided by XBOX BOSS

_ Decomposition 3_ was announced for Xbox Series X and PC in July 2020. Since then we have not seen anything of the game, nor have we heard of the game significantly, what makes sense considering that it was in early preproduction when it came out. It was announced. That said, this week everything changed, courtesy of the chief of Xbox, Phil Spencer, who provided a game update and confirmed that he is still under development.

During a recent interview, Spencer pointed out that he is “incredibly excited about some of the progress” that are being made with the third game of the series. Unfortunately, this is really the only juicy detail that Spencer had to share. In the update, he had a complete paragraph to say about it, but most of it is only public relations jargon.

«This is probably not a big surprise for the people who have seen me play, but I was a great State of Decay player through Era Xbox and pure Xbox. “They have had this pattern, they have spoken of it publicly since decomposition-1 to 2 to 3 and what they want to do, and we have not shown a lot [of state of decay 3]… it’s a game that I really enjoy playing, I’m a great Cooperative player, I like to build, I like to get resources… and I am very excited about the course that that team will take ».

With Spencer, it is often difficult to distinguish between public relations discourse and genuine emotion. And this is the case of almost all the heads of all the main game companies.

State Of Decay 3 Developer Updates Us On The GAME TODAY

_ Decomposition tasted_ The fans will expect these advances to include technical improvements, which is where the series still is considerably behind. The first two games do not work very well and do not look very good. If this can be remedied and combined with the addictive game cycle of the series, Xbox could have a great success in his hands, since survival games are very fashionable at this time and have been for several years.

GTA V on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Just more than one and a half weeks after the start, Rockstar Games has described GTA V performance modes available on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, including the impressive implementation of a power rayTracing mode.

In detail on the Rockstar Games blog, the “advanced and improved” version of the Open World Roleplay will offer three different modes. The Fidelity mode optimizes the game to the “highest visual quality and aims at 30 fps”. The 4K resolution in this mode is native and raytracing is activated. However, the 4K resolution is highly scaled on the Xbox Series S.

The power mode is right onto 60 FPS gameplay with highly scaled 4K (1080p for Xbox Series S). However, the key mode here is the performance ray-tracing mode that offers a mixture of the two high-scaled 4K modes, activated raytracing and 60 fps gameplay. All three modes offer a good selection of options for players, but we believe that performance rayTracing mode will be outstanding on March 15.

All three of these modes will also be available in the independent version of GTA Online on March 15, which is also published for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. GTA Online will see a new tutorial and a new frontend menu that you can jump directly into different modes within the game.

GTA V On PS5 & Xbox Series X|S - What To Expect | GameSpot News

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online appear on March 15 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

Learn how to transfer the progress of the story mode, and get first details about the profile migration of GTA online, for the timing of pre-download and more: https://t.co/wwwsbpcdcvd pic.twitter.com/fvmi1i9tcx

  • Rockstar games (@Rockstargames) 4. March 2022

This advanced and improved version of the game is just around the corner and comes with raytracing, improved explosions, more detailed fire and 3D audio and dualsense support, hopefully it will be a worthwhile upgrade for players.

The Gunk Sci Fi Adventure for Xbox Including Game Pass

The Gunk by Thunderous is now available for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

Players can now enter the fascinating alien world of The Gunk via Xbox Game Pass or the Microsoft Store and explore the secret behind the strange hypnotic substance that prevents the otherwise blooming ecosystem of a mysterious planet from waking up again to life.

In the gunk, the players hatch in the role of Ran, one half of a room driver duo encountered on a seemingly barren planet infested by a strange, undiscovered substance that they call The Gunk.

The Gunk - Launch Trailer

Ran and her partner Beck’s wonder if their days in whom they had to fight for resources could be over the laps could be over with this unusual discovery.

But there are other important questions to answer: What exactly is the gunk? How did it come here? What existed for a world before his arrival? And what happened to the old civilization that only left ruins?

Download The Gunk for Xbox — 24.99 euros or free with Game Pass

In The Gunk, the focus is on exploring a wondrous and diverse alien world that is to discover. The biomes range from rocky canyons over dense jungle to deep underground caves (which is finally the team behind Dreamworld) and some other surprises.

The mucus makes all these areas infertile, but if you remove it with Ranks upgradeable, mucus absorbing power glove, you discover a flowering ecosystem that seems to be suppressed by this mysterious and destructive mucus.

During their exploration, Ran can scan the environment to make new discoveries and learn more about this fascinating world. These discoveries are recorded in a logbook and give the players who deal with these entries, information about the events on this planet contaminated by Gunk.

Game Director UHF Harelips, said, We are pleased that the players finally can attend the aliens world we have lovingly created in The Gunk for Xbox and PC. We wanted to tell a ‘adhere’ story as in our previous games, and that’s exactly what we want to deliver here in this rich Sci-Fi world in which the players will hopefully have a lot of fun.

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