At first glance, the main menu of Ultimate Team (FUT) has hardly changed in FIFA 22 compared to its predecessor. EA SPORTS relies on the design of FIFA 21, even when choosing the game modes is familiar with Division Rivals, Squad Battles, Drafts and Fut Champions on old acquaintances. For this, the Weekend League, which is now called Champions Finals, was restructured – the most significant change in FUT.

Apart from the 1,500 qualification points, which can be collected via Rival Parties depending on the division, players must now survive the champions play-offs, where six wins are necessary. These encounters will be held during the week – the finals will be cut to 20 games that can be played from Friday to Sunday.

The temporal burden on the weekend is thus reduced, 20 instead of 30 matches ensure relaxation in the diary of many ambitious FUT Champions player. And although the first Weekend League is still ahead of us, it can already be said that this change will find positive appeal within the partially overburdened community – especially among the casual gamers.

The playoffs can be a ticket for the Champions Finals. rewards Esport

More WL-Rewards for fewer lots

It is also striking that the Champions Finals only two wins are needed for a TOTW player pick – a clear upgrade compared to FIFA 21. Self-sharpening is the qualification for the exchange of impact on the weekend this year harder, yet the play Offs on the way there independent rewards, making the players noticeably better payable for their achievements.

Add the Rivals Rewards for which three victories are enough. For seven victories, there is a reward upgrade, and the rewards are better, the higher the player places in the divisions. In addition, the squad battles ranks are played up, resulting each week adds four Reward Drops – a lot of packs for hardworking competitors.

Peace Offer: Better pack probabilities

In addition to the increased rewards, EA Sports has improved the pack probabilities in favor of buyers. While in FIFA 21, about a premium gold pack with a probability of only 17 percent, a player with an overall rating of at least 82 points had included, this percentage for FIFA 22 was increased to 30. In the case of 84 + cards, the probability of 4.3 to 7.4 percent was also significantly improved.

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Whether EA has gone voluntarily to this step? The California developer has been facing gambling allegations for years, which, among other things, led to concrete punishments in the Netherlands. An improved pack probability as well as the return of preview packs could be the attempt of the FIFA developer to smooth the waves. We are right to us and the fans.

Transfer market (still) restrained

The fact that the FUT players will reach strong cards this year could also have an influence on the transfer market in the long term. Gold objects with a high overall rating should be noticeably cheaper to acquire, at least in the first few days after the Ultimate Edition release, the traders show themselves extremely restrained with their prices.

Top fast, the meta cards are priced shortly before the start of the first weekend League on October 15th. In principle, a large part of the community is likely to welcome lower prices and more appealing rewards anyway – maybe even the pay-to-win factor of Ultimate Team is sustainably reduced.

The new FUT menu in FIFA 22 is strongly similar to that of the predecessor. rewards Esport

Cooperative game continue in the focus

Anyone who wants to escape the pressure of the rankings for those who offer friendlies various modes in the rotation that can be played without ratings. Koop lots as well as duels against friends are also the focus.

For Drafts, Squad Battles and Rival Parties can also be occupied for two. EA Sports has already significantly expanded the duo function in FIFA 21 and continues to maintain this focus.

In FIFA 22, public co-op lobbies can also be created to find random players. The numerous options for Casual Gamer coupled with the removal of the overall statistics, which was sooner in the main menu next to the name, suggest that the developer wants to give beginners a good feeling.

Missions, missions, missions

In any case, there is a lot in the first FUT Season. Basic and milestone tasks are available throughout, as well, the Icon Battles turn the first team event around the legends Zinedine Zidane, Ruud Gullit and Pelé. EA has already published numerous goals that players lead in a wide variety of modes. And also SBC classics such as the Marquee Matchups will accompany the community through the FUT season – accordingly, employment is always taken care of.

professionals in front of hard climb

But what about the professionals? For the elite players, the way up in the current offshoot initially seems relatively stony, all players start at the rivals in the tenth division. According to rapidly, some gamers should first come across their limits, although they are used to greater division regions.

Whether the restructured Elite Division, from which EA promises more permeability and more exciting competition, will make an encouragement remain to be seen. The question of whether Road to Glory (RTG) -accounts this year finally have a realistic chance in the competitive area will be answered only the coming weeks. At the latest since the renewed failure of the Fifae World Cup, EA has a poor stand in the ESPORT community anyway.

FUT teams can compete in various modes such as Division Rivals or Squad Battles. rewards Esport

That brings the FUT year

All of many views in the coming promos, the California developer has not yet granted. The event series starts on October 1, parallel to the official release of FIFA with the ONES to Watch Promo, which will provide special objects for promising transfers from the expired window. The FUT Heroes also keep indenting and include actors like Joe Cole or Jürgen Kohler, who just missed the ICON status.

With the first Icon Swaps and the Team of the Year (Toty) -Lease – two of the most important actions in every FIFA calendar – respectively January can be expected in December. As long as the gold cards are likely to hold their value, then Fut is going to his hot phase – until then it is for the players to collect as many coins as possible.

Whie this is best, you can listen to you on Thursday the 30th September in Unrem rewards Esport Talk! Tim Latka , Dr. Erhano , Jan Bergmann and Danifuttrader speaking of 19 clock live on Twitch above it .


It seems that EA Sports would like to actually accommodate the FUT community this year. Even if the motivations – as already mentioned – are probably not quite altruistic, it is a pleasing message for the players. More opportunities to build a strong team without the use of real money brings forward to his core idea: football fans should be able to build their diligence through diligence and fun to build their wish team including the international idols and stars.

On the way to your team, the players will demand a little less time, this development towards more casual gaming is likely to be welcomed by much of the players. And those who still want to rush into the competitive world of FIFA, can continue to spend countless hours in fut mode – the limited weekend league qualifications could even become stumbling for eSportlers.

The interest of the community to FUT usually decreases in spring after the release. That it is easier to build teams, it is likely to accelerate this process rather. Whether EA Sports succeeds to keep up the tension through appealing events remains to be seen, but seems to be unlikely.

Maybe in the coming offshoot will be time for a completely new game mechanics. A league system with up and descent? Cards that can be improved by in-game successes? Opportunities there would be many, the willingness of EA to more free content is needed.

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