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Battleground Now sticks to 1 to 1, 17.2 update release

Craepon has released the 17.2 update of PUBG: Battlegrounds (Battlegrounds).

In the update, a one -to -one arena, a dedicated stadium that can compete with users in a similar environment, was added to the training ground. Users can enter the arena via a signboard located outside the arena. In the event of matching success, the battle is carried out with the weapon worn before the Arena entry. The battle is in place over three rounds, and the user wins two rounds first. Other users’ fighting is also possible. If you enter the arena as an spectator, it will be moved to the watching space and the 1 -to -one battle status will be exposed to the screen in real time.

Some tactical equipment and weapons were balanced. Sporting scopes, including medium -range reconnaissance functions, are lowered based on user opinion. The enemy detection distance has been changed from 1 km to 600m, and the passive marker (white mark), which was automatically generated when using the scope mode, is created only after a long launch key and the enemy search is completed. In order to display an enemy with a passive marker with an active marker (red mark), the marker is changed by exposing the enemy to the rectangular area located in the center of the field of view and pressing the launch button.

Eine NEUE Waffe! ???? I Erklärung der Patch Notes 17.1 I Gideon erklärt...

DMR using 5.56mm bullets is raised. The MK12 improved the recoil recovery and adjusted the reaction speed balance to reduce the burden on users on gun recoil control. MINI14, which has a steady use rate, has increased slightly from 47 to 48. The mortar, which was available on the map, is a world spawn on all maps except Haven through this update. In order to boost the potential as a strategic weapon, the installation angle is not secured or the installation of all the terrain except water, and the battletory slot will be used instead of a main weapon slot.

The new rotation also applies to the map. In the general war, ▲ Erangel, ▲ Mirama, ▲ Tae, ▲ Sanok, and Bikendi will be opened.

In addition, we have updated the Tossing Weapon Cooking Timer UI, ▲ added farming recommendation functions, ▲ adding driver’s seat items, ▲ adding a training center in custom match, and adding B.DUCK decoration in Sanok ▲ Mirama, Para Mo, Haven, Karakin some weather colors, ▲ Tae and map -related bugs, ▲ clipping bugs, etc. have been modified.

Battleground Korean Partner Kim Blue and Streamer Collaboration Items will also be released. Through this collaboration, you can see a variety of items such as costumes, weapons, and sprays that contain Kim Blue’s unique personality. The item will be sold from May 4 to July 27 at in -game stores.

The Battleground 17.2 update took place on the test server for three days and will be held on the 11th on the live server. Along with the live server update, the Survivor Pass: Galaxy Squad begins.

FIFA 22: Update 8 shortly for download

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 Update 8 . On Twitter, the Publisher announces that the patch is initially available for the PC version as a download. On PlayStation and XBox the update follows as usual in the coming days – an appointment is not fixed so far. The patch notes with details about the changes and innovations are already available. Extensive, the Changelog does not fall out, but goes on individual points that the developers have improved in gameplay.

Update optimizes goalkeeper

One of the most important points: After the update download, the goalkeepers should act better in FIFA 22 . So it could happen in rare cases that the keepers simply ran from their boxes and attacked the ball-carrying attacker. The new patch should belong to the past. This also applies to goals achieved in the last seconds of a match and previously not counted. And: leads her to the drag-to-drag skill-Move, you can interrupt it earlier.

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FIFA 22 TOTW 27: Predictions to the team of the week – Which players are in the squad?

EA prepares the FIFA 22 TOTW 27: The new team of the week goes online on Wednesday. Which players could stand in the squad? PC NSW XSX PS5 PS4 XBO 0

FIFA 22 TOTW 26: Predications to the TOTW 26 – Team of the week with this superstar?

New FIFA 22 Confirmed News | Title Update #8 - Real Faces, Stadiums & Gameplay Fixes

Electronic Arts prepares the FIFA 22 TOTW 26. In the article you will receive a prediction of the potential players in the team of the week.

What is in the patch also?

From the patch Notes to FIFA 22 (Buy Now 21.99 €) Update 8 also emphasizes that the impetus animation at Koop lots lasted longer than planned by the developers. With the patch, the matches should now start flotters. In Pro-Club mode, the developers have again eliminated a mistake that could lead to a representation problem of the user interface. The full patch Notes for FIFA 22 update can be found in the EA Forum under this link. By the way this week is the FIFA 22 TOTW 27 in the Ultimate Team – we have a first prediction for you.

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Corona app: Update brings boomed significant advantage

One of the two Corona apps gets a new update. To the joy of boomed persons.

Dortmund – meanwhile it is already part of everyday life in all sorts of situations – whether at the shopping tour or at the restaurant visit – at the front door first the mobile phone gaps. The genesen or vaccinated status * is queried using the COVPASS app * or the Corona Warn app. The former now gets an update.

Corona warning app or Covpass app: Digital detection gets “Booster” update

The scanning of the QR code is a convenient way to control. Where 2G + applies, that is, admission only for three times vaccinated, ganzen or twice vaccinated with negative test proof, the process jerked especially for boomed.


The QR code does not include the third vaccine against the coronavirus * yet, was not recognized by the Covpass check app. The consequence: once press the screen and scroll down, until the vaccinations list. But with this annoying intermediate step is now over, as Merkur.de reports.

Update The COVPASS app: third vaccination finally stored in QR code

Next, the latest update of the Corona app * is available in the app stores. In version 1.18, the problem is finally solved. The Covpass app then accepts the third vaccine with a simple scanning of the QR code. The last update to version 1.17 is already about a week ago, accordingly, the latest improvement will not be able to wait a long time (more Digital News * at Corona).

The developers are constantly working to improve the app and adapt to the given circumstances. Even at the Messengerdienst WhatsApp there are regular innovations *.

Coronavirus: Many different rules continue to ensure confusion

For the many corona measures, it can certainly be that you lose the overview where now what is true. Merkur.de offers an overview of the current Corona rules . On Wednesday (16.02.) Chancellor Kolz meets the next Bund-Country Round. Here * you can keep up to date on all sorts of changes that will be decided. _ Merkur.de is like Corona part of the editorial network IPPEN.Media. _

Category list picture: © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

Hitman 3 responds to launch complaints in Steam with free content

The arrival of Hitman 3 to Steam hSteam community triggered the phenomenon of the review bombing and criticisms. Some decisions from IO-Interactive have not sitting too well on the players’ community, who have not only complained about the price of the packs, but have also pointed out other additional problems. The study hSteam community answered the protests and hSteam community toned the _MEA fault _ , but in addition to the apologies it hSteam community revealed that it will compensate the players.

“The launch of Hitman 3 in Steam hSteam community not been planned Steam community planned. We were excited to publish the game in Steam with new content, and we knew that the level of expectation and emotion of the players wSteam community high, especially since the title had been exclusive for a year in Epic. In the end, We can not achieve our own expectations about the launch, so we do not like our Steam community, hSteam community begun the Hitman 3 trip in this way, “they say in the statement.

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HITMAN 3 Release On Steam Is A Total Disaster! Mostly Negative! What's Wrong?

What are the compensations?

Those who have acquired Hitman 3 or anyone who does it until February 19 will have guaranteed a free update:

  • Buyers of the standard Hitman 3 edition will receive an update to the DELUXE edition.

The process began on January 27 and hSteam community started operating automatically in Steam. To claim the free update Just start the game.

Hitman 3 is available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Nintendo Switch, although the latter is a version in the cloud. Interactive, meanwhile, works in new games, including a completely unprecedented delivery of James Bond 007 , which will not be bSteam communityed on any cinematographic product.

Genshin Impact: How to see live the special event of the Alps

After the recent Update 2.4 Information continues to get here by Photo that show their willingness to maintain the updated title. We can follow it live via online through jerk and later on in YouTube, in addition to getting a number of intriguing rewards.

Twitch: January 13, 2022 22: 00h (UTC) or 00: 00h (CEST), live
YouTube: January 13, 2022 23: 00h (UTC) or 01: 00h (CEST), reproduction readily available after its issuance

When the Genshin Impact event will certainly be kept in the Alps.

Key information of the occGenshin Impaction Enchanting snow and star trip

The Very Special Fortune Slip | World Quests and Puzzles |【Genshin Impact】

To start with, it is required to understand that the event will certainly be held at Val Thorns, the highest ski hotel in Europe, situated in the Alps. There are still some shocks to be revealed, but we already know that the event itself will concentrate on the lights of a factor of teleportation course in the real globe, something possible thanks to the contributions of more than three million gamers Worldwide. Furthermore, we will certainly have the live efficiency of the gifted musicians of the Symphonic Crocheter Genshin Impactsemblage, Lyon, France, with the initial soundtracks of Genshin Impact. On the other hand, the selected dreams amongst those shared by 300,000 gamers around the world will be sent to Tree of wishes at the top of the Alps.

Beyond this unique benefit For some selected players, we have no news of receiving proteges or various other products within the game, however we will maintain you notified in situation Photo is pronounced regarding it.

Genhin Impact Next update brings new figures a new region and much more

The Photo team presented the next update for Genshin Impact, who is allowed to look forward to players shortly after the start of the new year. Version 2.4 of the online role-playing game appears on 5 . January 2022 and will bring numerous contents in the title again. In addition to two brand-new figures, players may also look forward to some returnees in the banners. In addition, another region is celebrating its debut in Genshin Impact.

Enkanomiya offers puzzles and new enemies

The new scene of Genshin Impact differs slightly from the previous places. Encanomiya drives under the water surface and is illuminated by an artificial sun that has created an old civilization years ago. The region is not only full of secrets, also new enemies will join you in the way. Including the deep-sea dragon odds and the abdomen in his previously unknown pro form.

Version 2.4 Special Program|Genshin Impact
New heroines appear with Update 2.4 in Genshin Impact

As usual, players are also looking forward to newcomers in online role-playing. This time is Hence (5 Stars / Kayo) and Run Jin (4 stars / Geo), both of whom with rod weapons provide damage. Both figures are available in the first prayer of the update. Later, then Zwingli and Gansu will be available again.

Lantern ritual and gifts with Update 2.4

Travelers will go back to Life early January to celebrate the next issue of Lantern Rituals. There are special rewards for the conclusion of different tasks. Among them a free 4-star figure from Life and ten pieces of interwoven fate, which can use it to the activation of other weapons and figures.

Via PlayStation Blog

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Expected Release Date Advanced Server Features and Lots

Some of the new features consisted of in Windows 7 are advancements in contact, speech and also handwriting recognition, assistance for virtual hard disks, assistance for added data styles, boosted performance on multi-core processors, improved boot efficiency, and bit improvements.

Free Fire OB30 With the release of Advance Server a few days ago, Gamers have the opportunity to comprehensive test of new features before joining the title with the upcoming patches.

A glimpse of the new feature has now increased the enthusiasm among the players expecting the release of the patch. After the update issued, users will be able to get updated versions from Google Play Store and App Store. Additionally, developers can also compensate players with different items to download the latest Version.

Note: This is only a expected release date and feature because the developers have not yet announced the patch and release of its content .

Free Fire OB30 Update Required Release Date

The last few free fire patch generally exist. Clash Squad Rank Season was released one day before. Ranking Season 8 is expected to be closed on September 29. As a result, the player can expect the upcoming update to roll out on September 28.

This required date is also supported by the fact that the OB29 update was released a day before the new Gold Royal, and the current stops on September 29.

Due to maintenance, the server will remain inaccessible on the day of the patch, and the update will be released a few hours. However, the user can only play free fire once the server is running up and running.

Potential Features


Two Mystery Characters present in the Gamers Advance Server can expect to be released in OB30 updates. The first capacity is called memory mist, which will reveal the place of enemies within the 50-meter limit after the players eliminate an opponent.

On the other hand, the capacity of the second Mystery Character is buzzer beater, which will compensate for 30 health points after surviving in the war.


Two new firearms from Advance Server can also be introduced in the upcoming patch. It includes a Treatment Shotgun and Treatment Spiner, which again fills the HP of the team when they are shot.

New Pet – Agent Pop

Developers can also add agent hop, a new pet that is called bounming bonuses. EP will be recovered on shrinking of Safe Zone.

New Guild Interface

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Guild interface has been re-prepared in Advance Server, and can be added with change patch. As a result the user will be able to select the guild badge.

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Expected release date and time for Indian users

Garena released a new free fire updates every few months, offers a lot of refreshing and exciting features that keep users busy for weeks. Recently the OB29 patch was released at the beginning of August, and the players are now waiting for the next update.

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server became available on September 9, 2021, and will be open until September 16, 2021. It has increased enthusiasm among the players because they got a glimpse of upcoming features such as characters, a new pet, a game mode, and a lot.

Free Fire OB30 Required Release Date and Time

The last patch clash was released right one day before the completion of Squad Rank Season. This season is going to be closed on September 29, 2021.

In addition, the OB29 Update Keyboard Warrior Gold was lived on August 4 days a day before the conclusion of the Royal, and the current Gold Royal will end on September 29.

If this is the same pattern this time, then Gamers can expect free Fire OB30 updates on September 28, 2021.

Like every free fire update, due to the prescribed maintenance brake, the game server will be out of reach for a few hours. During this time, players will have to face an error while trying to enter the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes - Harmonized Heroes, Leif and Seliph
It usually starts with approximately 9.30 AM IST (GMT +5.30) and is approximately 6.00 PM (GMT +5.30). The patch is usually available for download only after a few hours of starting maintenance, i.e., between 10.30 and 12.00 PM IST (GMT + 5.30).

Even if the user downloads updates, they will not be able to access it until the server is not available again. They also get many vouchers to update the game within a particular time limit.

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Note: This is just a required date and time because Garena has not yet announced the date of its upcoming patch or feature release.

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Free Fire OB30 Update Expected Release Date New eligible guns and pet details were explained

Free Fire Update with each, new features are added to enhance the overall experience for the players. In the beginning of August, the last patch launched, after the positive reaction to OB29 updates, they are eagerly waiting for OB30 Version.

Advance Server for OB30 Advance Server began a few days ago and gamers provided the opportunity to test various upcoming features. The enthusiasm about the upcoming updates has increased even if it has increased.

Features of the expected release date and free Fire OB30 update

Next Free Fire Update can be released on 28 or 29 September. It is following the fact that Garena has rolled out the update one day before the end of Clash Squad Season.

This Fire Emblem Heroes April Fools' Joke Broke Hearts
Above, Gold starts from the day of Royale update. Running an 18 days, i.e. ends in September 29.

During the day of the patch, the server for maintenance will be down for some time, after which the user will be able to enjoy the latest Version.

Features of Free Fire OB30 Advance Server


Two secrets have been added to the game:

1) Capacity – Memory Mist

After killing a opponent, this ability will show the hideout of other enemies at a distance. At the initial level, it detects opponents within 25 meters, which increases up to 50 meters at 6 levels. Team Companions will also be informed about the ability places.

2) Capacity – buzzer beater

On survival in the war, passive skills, buzzer beater retrieve health points. At first level, the user will recover 5 HP, later it will be increased to 30 HP.

Pet – Agent Hop

If players have a new pet, agent hop, equipped, they will receive EP on shrinking of the safe area every time. Later, it turns into HP when the EP is not completed.


Two new weapons are also present in the OB30 Advance Server called Treatment Shogun and Treatment Sniper . When they shoot, they will increase the HP of the team’s colleagues

Apart from these, many more features have been added, and users can read them by clicking them.

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Note: All the features of Advance Server have not been added to free fire with official updates.

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What is the release date of the FREE FIRE OB24 update

Jumanji: The Next Level is a 2019 American fantasy experience funny movie routed by Jake Kasdan and also co-written by Kasdan, Jeff Pinkner, and also Scott Rosenberg. It is a follow up to 2017’s Jumanji: Invite to the Jungle, the second follow-up to 1995’s Jumanji, as well as is the 4th installment in the Jumanji franchise business. It stars Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, Alex Wolff, Morgan Turner, Ser’Darius Blain, and Madison Iseman repeating their functions from the previous film while Awkwafina, Rory McCann, Danny Glover, as well as Danny DeVito likewise sign up with the actors. The movie’s story takes location two years after Welcome to the Jungle, in which the very same group of teenagers, along with an old pal and two unintended additions, come to be caught in Jumanji once more. There, they all locate themselves dealing with brand-new troubles and also difficulties with both old as well as new characters while needing to conserve the land from a brand-new bad guy in order to run away.
Principal digital photography occurred during 2019, between January 21 to May 11 in areas consisting of Atlanta, New Mexico, Alberta, and Hawaii, with much of the actors containing those from the previous movie reprising their original functions for the follow up.
Jumanji: The Next Level was theatrically launched in the United States on December 13, 2019, by Sony Photo Releasing, under its Columbia Pictures label. The movie obtained usually positive reviews from critics as well as grossed $800 million globally against a $125– 132 million budget plan, ending up being the tenth highest-grossing film of 2019. A sequel is in development.

Free fire The OB24 update will be released next month and add a lot of new modes and features in the game, including characters, pets, outfits, etc. Facebook account related to the game.

The Free Fire Advance server is a test site where players can test in advance the future features of the update and report bugs and errors to the game developers.

Release date of the free update Fire OB24

The official release date of the Free Fire OB24 update is not yet confirmed, but we are convinced that it will be September 23 . It will be available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

The game servers will be out of service for maintenance for a few hours before the update is broadcast worldwide. The updated version of the game will operate correctly on the devices with 2 GB of RAM or more.

Currently, there is no leak on future features of the Free Fire OB24 update, but we will update this page once the details are available.

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