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Cart Rider: Drift, Mobile, PC, Console September 1 Test

Nexon will conduct a global racing test for its new racing game, Cartrider: Drift, for six days from September 1.

The global racing test of ‘Cart Rider: Drift’ is a final test for full crossplay, and will be held on various platforms such as PCs, Xbox One, and PS4, including recently added mobile devices.

The test will be conducted from 10 am to 10 pm on September 1, and anyone can participate during the test period without special registration procedures. However, iOS can only participate in up to 10,000 first-come-first-served basis. It will support 11 languages by testing throughout the global global, North America, and Europe, including Korea.


Users can install the game in advance on all platforms on August 30, two days before the test. Can.

Nexon will hold an event for users who participated in the global racing test of Cartrider: Drift. 100 users who played matching play between 8 pm and 10 pm will be drawn daily to present a cultural gift certificate worth 10,000 won. In addition, among the users who matched more than 10 editions in the same time zone, two tablet PCs will be presented to two people.

Seo Jae-woo, CEO of Nitro Studio, said, This test is the first opportunity to experience high-quality crossplay between mobile, PC and console platforms, and we are preparing to prepare for users to experience the best racing. We will systematically check the details of the game to increase the quality, so please interest and participate.

On the other hand, ‘Cart Rider: Drift’ is a formal sequel based on Nexon’s mega hit IP, ‘Katrider’, which introduces 4K UHD graphics and HDR technology to provide a more realistic driving experience. Prior to the official launch, we have been pre-registration of global simultaneous pre-registration since August 18, and the event for participants has been in progress.

For more information about ‘Kartrider: Drift’, please visit the official site.

Supercat, meta bus platform ZEP cumulative users break through 1 million users

ZEP (CEO: Kim Won-bae) unveiled its performance and future vision on the 10th after its launch of its meta bus platform ‘ZEP’.

‘ZEP’ is a metavus platform operated by ‘ZEP’, a joint venture of ‘Supercat’ and ‘Zepeto’ operator ‘Naver Jet’, which developed MMORPG ‘The Country of Wind: Yeon’. It released the beta in November last year and announced the opening of the official service in March this year.

Six months after the ZEP was released to the public, more than 1 million cumulative users connected to ZEP, and the participation of the space (ZEP meta bus space) exceeded 11 million times.

The space of users, Space, has been created about 110,000, and the monthly active user (MAU) reaches 340,000.

ZEP is a ‘meta bus for all’, and ▲ Simple operation ▲ URL click quickly ▲ Intuitive function placement ▲ Rich scalability, and various companies, organizations, and individuals use and users use rapidly. It is increasing.

In particular, ZEP is receiving a good response from users by adding the ‘SkiScript’ feature, which contains app development functions in the metabus on the 19th of last month. The use of the script function will greatly increase the scalability of creating new games and productivity apps within the methus. Thanks to this, it is expected to accelerate the development into a meta bus space that can be done and anyone can participate.

In addition, a ZEP official said, We will add the App Store to ZEP, where users can buy and sell their own apps and games in ZEP. This is an additional C2E element update following the ‘Asset Store’, which was introduced to build an ecosystem in ZEP, and is to lay the foundation for many creators.

The use of various companies is also outstanding. Samsung Electronics opened the new employee recruitment fair and orientation through ZEP, and Lotte Group opened the recruitment specialist ‘El-Rick Rutown’ in ZEP.

Big Hit Music’s artist Tomorrow Bai Together held a fan event ‘Play X Together’ at ZEP, and Naver also performed ‘Search Colloquium 2022’ at ZEP.

In addition, companies and organizations such as GS E & C, JTBC, and Seoul are providing various events based on different spaces through ZEP.

In addition, ZEP has implemented a metavus that works with blockchain and NFT technology, and has been conducting MOUs such as Nighting Gale Korea, Norton City, Puzzle Monsters, Clay Kingdom, Sandbox Network, etc. We are actively developing collaboration activities.

Kim Sang-yeop, the leader of the ZEP team, said, I am very happy to be able to achieve a million cumulative users in the short term as a result of all team members running together with the banner for every1. We plan to innovate in a new space and update to give you better experience than reality.

Battleground Now sticks to 1 to 1, 17.2 update release

Craepon has released the 17.2 update of PUBG: Battlegrounds (Battlegrounds).

In the update, a one -to -one arena, a dedicated stadium that can compete with users in a similar environment, was added to the training ground. Users can enter the arena via a signboard located outside the arena. In the event of matching success, the battle is carried out with the weapon worn before the Arena entry. The battle is in place over three rounds, and the user wins two rounds first. Other users’ fighting is also possible. If you enter the arena as an spectator, it will be moved to the watching space and the 1 -to -one battle status will be exposed to the screen in real time.

Some tactical equipment and weapons were balanced. Sporting scopes, including medium -range reconnaissance functions, are lowered based on user opinion. The enemy detection distance has been changed from 1 km to 600m, and the passive marker (white mark), which was automatically generated when using the scope mode, is created only after a long launch key and the enemy search is completed. In order to display an enemy with a passive marker with an active marker (red mark), the marker is changed by exposing the enemy to the rectangular area located in the center of the field of view and pressing the launch button.

Eine NEUE Waffe! ???? I Erklärung der Patch Notes 17.1 I Gideon erklärt...

DMR using 5.56mm bullets is raised. The MK12 improved the recoil recovery and adjusted the reaction speed balance to reduce the burden on users on gun recoil control. MINI14, which has a steady use rate, has increased slightly from 47 to 48. The mortar, which was available on the map, is a world spawn on all maps except Haven through this update. In order to boost the potential as a strategic weapon, the installation angle is not secured or the installation of all the terrain except water, and the battletory slot will be used instead of a main weapon slot.

The new rotation also applies to the map. In the general war, ▲ Erangel, ▲ Mirama, ▲ Tae, ▲ Sanok, and Bikendi will be opened.

In addition, we have updated the Tossing Weapon Cooking Timer UI, ▲ added farming recommendation functions, ▲ adding driver’s seat items, ▲ adding a training center in custom match, and adding B.DUCK decoration in Sanok ▲ Mirama, Para Mo, Haven, Karakin some weather colors, ▲ Tae and map -related bugs, ▲ clipping bugs, etc. have been modified.

Battleground Korean Partner Kim Blue and Streamer Collaboration Items will also be released. Through this collaboration, you can see a variety of items such as costumes, weapons, and sprays that contain Kim Blue’s unique personality. The item will be sold from May 4 to July 27 at in -game stores.

The Battleground 17.2 update took place on the test server for three days and will be held on the 11th on the live server. Along with the live server update, the Survivor Pass: Galaxy Squad begins.

WhatsApp: Police warns – Users should take care of this message

The police warns of a new WhatsApp trick. Especially families are the focus of the scammers.

Marburg-Biedenkopf – “Hello Mom, my phone has broken. This is my new number, the old you can delete! “Would you recognize this WhatsApp message * as a fraud attempt? Such a message should allow users however in the future. Behind it could be a nasty fraud mesh.

WhatsApp Warning: Police set up important appeal to users

As the police communicates Mittelhessen, this is a resourceful fraud in many cases. If one goes on this contact, therefore a little later news, in which the supposed offspring asks for money, so the police. At the latest, WhatsApp users should take action to check the identity of the writer, HNA.DE *.

Police officer scams an IRS scammer with return phone call

Ebendies experienced a pensioner living in the middle of February. After saving the number of his alleged daughter, he received a request via WhatsApp * from her: on the old phone, her account data had been and she had to carry out a transfer. Whether he could take care of it? It was a whopping 2150 euros (more Digital News * at police warns)

Fieser WhatsApp Trick: Police gives tips – wearing fraud attempts to display

In the case of the Lord of Biedenkopf, however, turned everything to the good. Because: The pensioner was a former police officer who looked through the WhatsApp Mesh *. Instead of a transfer, there was an ad from him, the police report.

For several months, this kind of fraud attempt was on the rise. Often the scammers turn their miesen tricks very subtle and sent. The Criminal Police Marburg-Biedenkopf asks for increased attention and to note the following tips at WhatsApp:

WhatsApp scam: Warning of Fieser Mesh – Scammers want to get the money of users

Scammers have already discovered WhatsApp as a promising platform for their machinations. With a relentless fraud mesh, you can use the well-known granded trick as close relatives of your potential victims on WhatsApp * or ask as a supposed friend a WhatsApp code , with which your own account can be stolen. _ HNA.de is Wiepolice warns part of the editorial network of ips.media._

Category list picture: © Police Headquarters Mittelhessen, Imago, Collage: police warns

Glow Rubic Grenade Cyber Multitaskar Lootbox And How To Get More

There are many types of cosmetics available in Free Fire that users can get by spending diamonds. Users can participate in events to get an opportunity to achieve such items and meet different tasks.

Moco in Free Fire: Many programs are running as a part of rebirth and many awards are available. Glow Rubic Grenade, Cyber ​​Multitaskar Lootbox, and Glow Technology Skyboards are one of the most attractive awards that users can get.

How to get free prize in Free Fire today, a guide on this (September 19, 2021)

coder crib

Moco s CRIB will began on September 10 and will run till September 26. During its period, users will have to participate in the Pew Pew Pew Minigue using the coder cube C1 to earn M coins. These can be redeemed to get a series of exciting awards later. Some attractive items are given below with the token in the required number:

Moko Month Pin – 200m Coins
Pet Skin: Cyber ​​Falco – 150M Coins
Moko s Wings – 150M Coins
Cosmic Teleportia Bundle – 500m Coins

Welcome Back Experience : Fire Emblem Heroes

Moko Jump

Moko offers a fascinating glow drone backpack as a reward. In this incident, users will have to earn specific points in the minigum by dodging obstacles. Apart from this, there are two different modes – Origin and virus invade mode, which provides more points.

The player will be able to get all the stage awards by collecting 12000 points.

Friends Callback

Friends Callback Event launched Free Fire will end on September 18 and on September 21. Players will have to invite passive friends back to the game in order to achieve these awards:

Call a friend to a friend – 6x coder cube c1
Call three friends – 6x coder cube c1
Back to five friends – cyber multitaskar booty box and 6x coder cube C1
Back to seven friends – 10x coder cube c1

Citadel Battle

NS was presented in the game in the game, and an event around it was also added. To become eligible to claim the following free awards, users will play a specific number of matches in that mode

A match: weapon Royale Voucher (termination: October 31, 2021)
Five Match: Vapan Royal Voucher (Expiry: October 31, 2021)
Ten Match: Grenade – Glow Rubic

Moko s Challenge

Read also

NS Moko s challenge event began in a week ago and will run till September 21. Players need to play a certain number of games using the Moko Character to achieve these items:

A match with Moko: 1x Gold Royal Voucher
Three Matches with Moko: 1x Venge Royal Voucher (End: October 31, 2021)
Five Matches with Moko: Glow Technica Skyboard

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How to Get Free Parachute Backpack Skin Banner Avatar and Lots

Free Fire Includes a diverse range of these items, some of which affect the gun skins, characters and pets, gameplay while others, such as dress, other items skins, purely beauty reasons Are from Their price is in diamonds and therefore some users are out of reach.

The developers of the game often provide different free gifts to users by adding new events and issuing new ones. Here are some free awards available on September 10 for users.

Free Prize in Free Fire

List of free awards available at 10 September 2021 in Free Fire:

redeem code

Garena released a new Redeem code for the Indonesian server today, and it offers wastel land vault. To claim backpack, users will have to reduce the FFSHOPEE7BX2 code from the Official Rewards Reedemption Site.

Login Reward – Swing of Moko

As part of the log-in event for Moko Ribth, players get the opportunity to get the swing of Moko with Gold Royal and Venal Royale Voucher to log in for certain days. The player will collect items on 10 September 2021 based on the number of days made.

moko Month Pin

Gamers today perform 200m Cone in Horizon for Moko Month Pin from Horizon Store on September 10, 2021. Users can collect these coins from Pu Pu Pui Mini-Game, which can be accessed using the code cube C1 token.

Apart from this, once the progress of decryption crosses the specific milestone, the gamers will unlock more items in the Horizon Store.

Joseph Character (only the first top-up)

Users will earn Joseph Character by buying diamonds for the first time in Free Fire. The event will provide a reward regardless of the top-up amount. Apart from this, a new top-up event is expected to be added soon.

moko Month Banner and Turquoise Warning Avatar

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Recently added a new Moko puzzle program in Free Fire, in which it includes Moko Moko Banner and Turquoise Warning Avatar to solve it. Players have time to get all the rewards till 12 September 2021.

Is The FEH Pass Worth It? [Fire Emblem Heroes]

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How to claim alpha token box and voucher today September 5

Free Fire offers a huge array of in-game items that players want to get. Usually diamonds are required, which often disrupts some users because this currency can only be purchased. Developers regularly release new events and redemption codes, they rarely disappoint which provide different free.

These codes are issued during live stream and special events by developers. To get users the award, they have to claim them before the official website.

Free Fire Redeem Code for Today (September 5)

Redeem Code: EV4S2C7MMA52

Award: 2x Megalodan Alpha Token Box and 1x Weapon Royale Voucher.

NEW! Forma Souls, Colorless Mages, Immunities, Ephemeras & Divine Codes - Fire Emblem Heroes [FEH]
This code is currently valid and may end soon. Thus, players should quickly use it to get the award.

Note: Free Fire Redeem Code is restrictions in terms of use. The above provided is only for users on Europe servers. Thus, outside users should avoid redeem it because an error will be displayed.

How to use Free Fire Redeem Code to get the player free prize, a guide on this

For those users who are not aware, most Free Fire Redeem Code Rewards can be redeemed by players on the reedemption site. Clamping it will redirect the link to the user on its page.

Here are the steps to use: Rewards to claim redemption site code:

Step 1: On reaching the reedemption site, users should log in. They have to remember to log in by using that platform, which they have to do to their links. Free Fire Accounting Book

Step 2: As part of the next phase, gamers will have to enter the above mentioned code and then tap on the Confirm option.

After following these steps, the code will be redeemed and the award will be sent to the player’s free fire account within a 24-hour period.

Step 3: Finally, the player can claim free Fire Redeem awards through In-Game Mail Section, which can be accessed by tapping the Mail icon on the top right of the main lobby screen. Is.

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How to get free outfits

Free Fire Max is an advanced version of Free Fire developed by Garena to provide a premium gameplay experience while maintaining a premium gameplay experience. Everyone has improved in graphics, special effects, animations, and other aspects of the game. In addition, the player can move his progress directly into this version.

Users were looking for a long time of this version. Finally, the pre-registration phase for the title has recently opened globally.

How to get free Fire Max pre-registration Milestone?

Garena has declared a milestone for those people who pre-register for free Fire Max just like the Middle East. Here is a list of awards:

  • 5 million users – Max Rechzer (Down)
  • 10 million users – 2x gold royal voucher
  • 15 million users – Max Rechazors (Facepent)
  • 20 million users – Cyber ​​Max Skyboard
  • 30 million users – Max Rechazors (Head)
  • To get reward, players must pre-register.

They also give opportunities to purify various other items by inviting their friends for pre-register free Fire Max.

Many awards will also be received from inviting friends. They are as follows:

  • A user – Max Rechazor (shoes)
  • Two users – Max Rechazors (Masks)
  • Three Users – Max Rechaser (Top)
  • Four Users – Cyber ​​Max Smash Box
  • Five users – 10x Diamond Royal Voucher

In addition to fulfilling all the milestones, users will also need to invite their five friends to get the full Max Rechazor female bundle.

Welcome Back Experience : Fire Emblem Heroes
In addition, the top 50 players who invite most users will win a specific male Max Receference (bundle).

It is worth noting that after the release of free Fire Max, all the prizes will be received from the free Fire Max Rewards Reedempation page, including milestone and invitation awards.

Pre-Registering Process

Step 1: You need to run free Fire on your device and then open the event section.

Step 2: After this, you have to navigate to the news section and then select ‘FFMAX pre-register’. Press the Go-toton.

Step 3: Press the pre-register button.

Step 4: A dialog box will appear. You have to press the Confirm button.

You can also generate an invitation link by tap on the invite button by scrolling down.

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