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Xbox Series X | S has no plans to increase the price … MS answers with rivals, PS5.

Microsoft has revealed that there is no plan to increase the price of Xbox Series X | S for interviews with overseas media, which was raised in PlayStation 5.


This was revealed in interviews with overseas media Windows Central. There was a concern that the price increase of the PS5 price was raised and there was a concern that the price increase of the rival Xbox Series X | S, but the Microsoft spokeswoman is now on sale in any area on sale. I answered that there is no. In Japan, Xbox Seriesx can be sold at 54,978 yen including tax and Xbox Series S at 32,978 yen including tax.

With the price increase of PlayStation 5 announced yesterday on August 25, the regular and digital editions have risen due to the impact on business in the world. Regarding the game hardware, the most popular stand-alone VR headset Meta Quest 2 in Steam also announced a price increase of more than 20,000 yen, so there are concerns about the rise in other game hardware such as Xbox and Nintendo Switch. It is in the state. However, this time, at least Xbox has been revealed that there is no plan to increase the price, and has shown that the switch is an interview with the Nikkei ASIA on August 11th.

Xbox One had no opportunity against the PS4 – Microsoft compares the sales of the 8th consoles

  • The PS4 sold twice as much as the Xbox One.

_ More on the struggle of the 2 gaming giants before the Brazilian competition authorities can be located here: _.

The record states: Sony has exceeded Microsoft pertaining to console sales, considering that in the last generation they sold even more than twice as numerous as Xbox (using gameluster.com).

What did the sales of both consoles appear like? Sony lately published final information on the sales of the PS4 console. The end of the life cycle of the PlayStation console is officially reached.

The 8th generation of Sony and also Microsoft’s console battle plainly goes to PlayStation. This was not always direct prior to the start of the gaming consoles in November 2013. The PS3 as well as Xbox 360 battled a very limited battle in the 7th generation:.

By the way, Nintendo did not contribute in this generation of console. It was the moment of the Wii U, a crossbreed console that was run with a huge portable controller (release 2012).

** Mircosoft currently has to justify the purchase of Activision Blizzard prior to a court in Brazil. In the training course of this, the Xbox mommy business has actually taken a position on its console sales as well as it turns out: The Xbox One had no possibility against the PS4.

Microsoft is holding back with the sold systems of her Xbox. However, in a record to a Brazilian dish, said the number of Xbox One devices were marketed compared to the PS4.

  • Sony reported 117.2 million PS4 offered (all designs, using twitter.com).


  • 87.4 million PS3.
  • 84 million Xbox One.
  • Source: escapistmagazine.com.

  • PS5: Sony comments on the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft- Call of Responsibility has no competitors, will never ever have any type of.

  • Xbox caustt: Sony is afraid that a new Call of Task on day 1 enters the Video game Pass for complimentary as well as ruins the prominence of the PS5.

Accordingly, less than 58.5 million consoles of the Xbox One looked at the counter. This accompanies a previous report by Ampere Evaluation that involved around 51 million units (by means of ampereeanalysis.com).

** What’s taking place currently?

  • Xbox presses right into the marketplace with its video game pass and extended compatibility. Computer and console are a growing number of alike, it will soon be the decision between controller/couch and also mouse/keyboard/desk. You want to place a huge repayment title right into the inexpensive game masquerade the launch.

  • Xbox presses right into the market with its game pass and also extended compatibility.

The following few years will show exactly how the market will make a decision. We are presently in a loan consolidation phase and several studios are purchased up by the biggest gamers: Activision blizzard from Microsoft, Bungie from Sony.

  • Sony, on the various other hand, intends to additional safeguard his large games and score with exclusivity at the launch. They intend to count on Free2Play and also Service games to make their gaming offer extra available. Nevertheless, one likewise responds to the hostile competition and also have highly adjusted and expanded their PS Plus offer.

EA and Ubisoft are no more specific for a lengthy time. The Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard when clarified why this is so: Activision Blizzard discusses why they had to market themselves as opposed to acquiring EA.

Nonetheless, the pc gaming industry is presently on a crossroads and Sony and also Microsoft both represent different approaches, which in the past was much less the instance. This implies roughly:.

In the training course of this, the Xbox mommy business has taken a position on its console sales and it turns out: The Xbox One had no chance against the PS4. What did the sales of both consoles look like? Sony just recently released last details on the sales of the PS4 console. The PS3 and Xbox 360 battled an extremely tight struggle in the 7th generation:.

FIFA Down? How to inspect the standing of the FIFA

When things are anticipated to come back up, allow’s discover out whether FIFA has been for the count as well as see just how you can examine it to see. If you wish to go on the pitch as soon as feasible, we likewise take a few different steps that can assist you return quicker than others, so let’s most likely to the pitch and target the objective!

If you wish to go on the internet for a game FIFA with your pals, you can come across some mistakes that prevent this. With the most recent generation of consoles, things are especially online, and also when it comes to your preferred video games, web servers may be because of upkeep job or because of a technical error that you can not achieve online.

Condition of the FIFA server-how to examine it

If you wish to go online, you can consider the official EA Sports-aid location that unintentionally has to examine many areas, consisting of server troubles Nintendo Switch, PlayStation network and Xbox Live to make sure that you can see if this Problem happens on your system or every person impacts every one of the line. You can additionally look at other sites, Z Down detector What participants of the neighborhood can inform other gamers that they have connection issues.

Maintain an eye on social media is likewise a wonderful idea, since the @eahelp The Twitter web page can upload some suggestions as well as techniques to bring them back online, particularly if this holds true Maintenance or in a big scale server failing occurs for much of their titles.

Exactly how to come back online

Offer your console a total reactivate can enable you to return to your favorite game faster than to wait for the failure to take place once more, or perhaps complete your favorite title from EA . If these do not work, provide your network a reboot A reactivate of the router can additionally aid. If you do not intend to wait as well as desire to have web promptly, you can additionally attempt it Uninstall and also re-install the video game to see if that brings you online again. Or else you may need to wait and wait for your game to be online once again.

With fifa Since it is just one of the most prominent sports titles on the marketplace, you may require to know that you should give your job setting The ideal means to play defense and also exactly how to A Makes Great cost-free kick So make sure that you have our reputation FIFA section on the site for all tricks and also suggestions you need.

FIFA 22 is currently offered for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Collection X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch as well as Computer.

If you come across a link problem, you can experiment with a few different steps for fixing to identify whether you may run into a technical error or whether something takes place in the backend of the web server. These pointers might not aid you go online again So please remember that you still can not connect after trying it out if something occurs on the backend.

Give your console a full restart can enable you to return to your favored video game quicker than to wait for the failure to happen once again, or even complete your preferred title from EA . If these do not function, provide your network a restart A reboot of the router could additionally help. If you do not want to wait and desire to have internet promptly, you can also attempt it Uninstall as well as reinstall the video game to see if that brings you online again.

When does FIFA 23 come out and how to reserve?

Wanting ** Do you know exactly when FIFA 23 comes out? Fortunately, a release date has just been confirmed. Here is everything you need to know.

FIFA 23 launch date

FIFA 23 goes on sale worldwide on September 30, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. Rumors had run rampant for weeks that this was the launch, and now EA has officially confirmed it.

You can consult the complete statement and the details of the launch that were announced on the earlier website below.

When does the FIFA 23 early access test start?

Here are the complete details of the launch date of FIFA 23:

EA Play early access test: September 27, 2022 *
Access to EA Play Pro Ultimate Edition (PC): September 27, 2022
definitive edition of FIFA September 23, 2022
* Standard FIFA edition 23: September 30, 2022

How to book FIFA 23

Any person interested in booking FIFA 23 can do so following this link. Once on the site, you can select PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC or Stadia as its favorite platform and then finish your order.

That is all you need to know about the launch date of FIFA 23. To get more information, even if the game is cross-played, see the related items below, since it includes many news, characteristics and guides about the series that fans will surely love.

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  • FIFA 23 Reveal Trailer shows the Women’s World Cup and many new features

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In FIFA 23 there is cross play for the very first time, however just under specific problems

After the predecessor can be made use of for the initial time in an examination phase in May 2022 in the history of the CrossSplay series, the popular feature in FIFA 23 is now firmly integrated, as EA informed us throughout a discussion for football simulation. If you want to play together on PlayStation and Xbox consoles throughout platforms, there are two points to think about.

From cross having fun, there was further fascinating information about FIFA 23 today, which we note further in the write-up listed below.

cross play restricted to gaming console generation

Who can play with each other?

  • PS4 as well as Xbox One
  • PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Computer and also Google Stadia

No cross play is feasible in between the generations. EA warrants this cut with the modern-day hypermotion technology, which was presented on PS5 as well as Xbox Series X/S with FIFA 22, which, nevertheless, does not feed on the tons gene and will not exist in the future.

What concerning the Change? Nintendo has actually been supplied with a plainly lost weight and also obsoleted Legacy Version for several years. Although there was no details about cross play on the Switch over, the function is practically impossible.

CROSSPLAY limited to 1vs1 modi

Cross-platform professional club video games or, as an example, joint friendly games versus the AI will certainly not exist with cross play in FIFA 23. According to the EA, the cross play function is meant for 1vs1 settings. It is uncertain whether this will transform in the future.

Much more present news about FIFA 23:
| Cover stars of the criterion and also Ultimate Version reveals | EA finishes partnership with FIFA which adjustments currently | ESPORTS obligation for Second and also First Bundesliga comes **

females’s club groups for the very first time in FIFA 23

Anybody that has taken a more detailed look at the cover of the Ultimate Version of FIFA 23 likeFabinioandich-Bin-I from the firmly integrated neighborhood will certainly have discovered the Chelsea jersey by super star Sam Kerr. Today we can confirm that there will certainly be females’s club groups in a FIFA for the first time.

2 World Championships in FIFA 23

Just how do you like the initial concrete details about FIFA 23? .

What about the Change? Nintendo has actually been supplied with a clearly slendered down as well as outdated Legacy Edition for numerous years. Cross-platform pro club video games or, for instance, joint pleasant games against the AI will certainly not exist with cross play in FIFA 23. Anyone that has taken a more detailed look at the cover of the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 likeFabinioand alsoich-Bin-I from the firmly integrated area will certainly have found the Chelsea jacket by super star Sam Kerr. Today we can validate that there will be women’s club groups in a FIFA for the very first time.

Along with the normal organization procedure and also global club champions such as the Champions Organization, the focus will certainly get on 2 other significant occasions in FIFA 23: the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022 and the Women’s Globe Cup 2023 in Australia as well as New Zealand

A Plague Tale: Requiem: Collectors Edition im Intro

Along with the brand-new gameplay in the Focus Showcase, the A Plague Tale: Requiem Pre-Orders have currently started-on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S as well as PC.
A launch day was likewise introduced: the video game will certainly be launched on October 18 on all platforms and in the Xbox Game Pass.
* A Plague Tale: Requiem (pre-order) -59.99 euros
Take a first take a look at the Enthusiast’s Version by a Plague Tale: Requiem in this short intro video:
A Plague Tale: Requiem will be launched on October 18 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | s, computer and also as a cloud variation on Nintendo Switch.

The game appears straight for the launch in the Xbox Game Pass for console, PC as well as in the cloud.

Persona 5 Royal, Identity 4 Golden and also Persona 3 laptop will likewise come out on PS5, heavy steam as well as ps4, it is Atlus who introduces it

In 2023, Persona 4 Golden will likewise be the subject of a port on PS4, simply like Identity 3 laptops which will certainly also be marketed on Vapor.

Lastly, as Gematsu explains, it is shown on the Japanese authorities website committed to the triptych that Character 4 Golden and also Persona 3 will just be used dematerialized no matter the tool.

The Xbox One, the Xbox Series S, the Xbox Series X and also the Microsoft Store will certainly not be the just one to welcome Character 5: Royal, Personality 4 Golden and Identity 3 Portable, as had actually been announced throughout the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase
last Sunday.
This is indeed what Atlus insists through an official news release, where it is specified that the PS5, the PS4 and Vapor will be qualified to the very same preferential therapy.

More concretely, Character 5: Royal will certainly be launched on all these platforms (except the PS4 where it has actually already been offered for two years) on October 21.

Minecraft Legends: The series mosts likely to the method, a first trailer with gameplay

The designers indicate that the game will certainly be targeted at both permit fans as well as newcomers.Is you like to have fun with your buddies, you can delight in the campaign in on-line teamwork or competitive multiplayer, we will inform you extra about it throughout the year _, we promise. Minecraft Legends will be launched in 2023 on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch as well as Computer.


History will bear in mind that it was at Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase that Minecraft Legends, the initial foray in the type of strategy, was revealed. Co-developed by Mojang Studios as well as Blackbird Interactive, the video game will ask to protect the overworld by guiding its troops.V us will certainly discover a nation that is both mysterious as well as acquainted, rich in lush biomes and very useful resources , discusses the main news release.However these wonderful lands are target to a dreadful change: the intrusion of the pigs has begun and also endangers to corrupt Overworld. It depends on you to make unanticipated good friends, several of whom you will certainly identify if you have played Minecraft, to educate valuable partnerships and lead strategic battles versus invaders from Nether. _

Xbox code: Competitors: Win just today Industria for Xbox

Once again on the donation pants as well as has given us with an Xbox code for Industria that you can win today, Xbox code User @Sanvio70.

Many thanks a lot for this!

So very easy you take part in the industrial competition:

Tell us in the comments under this message, which a video game you absolutely want to see tomorrow at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase Event.

The closing day for access is June 11, 2022 at 11:59 p.m
. The general conditions of participation use.
The victors will certainly be informed concerning their revenue via private message here on Xbox code.
Additionally, we would certainly be extremely satisfied if you follow us on the adhering to networks:
* facebook.com/Xbox code
* twitter.com/Xbox code
* youtube.com/Xbox code
* twitch.tv/ Xbox code.
We wish all participants excellent luck with this brand-new Xbox code competitors.

GUNGRAVE G.O.R.E: 4 years after its statement, the game will ultimately appear, of the very worried gameplay

_ What a third-person capturing video game fulfills martial arts in close fight, this produces a liquid and also transparent activity that allows you to bloodbath your opponents in a bloody ballet _, we clarify. Endless and your transformable coffin evo to make disastrous combos with maximum damage, however constantly with style.

Lasting 12 hours, the journey will send the player to explore Southeast Asia, in actual places embellished with a dark as well as advanced touch. GUNGRAVE G.O.R.E is expected on Xbox Series X, Xbox Collection S, Xbox One, PC, ps4 and ps5.

Prime Matter and Studio Iggymob have actually unveiled a brand name new Gungrave G.O.R.E trailer, their TPS announced in 2018 as component of the Tokyo Game Show and whose release has actually been consistently pushed. This time, we are swear that the video game will be prepared for following loss.

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