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Zverev wants to defend title at ATP Finals

And just standing on the pitch again, that’s what I missed most in the past few months, stated Zverev.

The Burger, that had actually torn three tendons in the ankle joint in the semi-finals of the French Open in Paris in the semi-finals of the French Open in Paris in the semi-finals in Paris in Paris, and after that operated, at the intermediate round of the Davis Cup from September 13th to 18th Give hometown. I’m really expecting Hamburg. To my home, to the audience there. And simply standing on the pitch again, that’s what I missed most in the previous couple of months, claimed Zverev.

Zverev intends to gain the factors required for joining the ATP finals at the events in Tokyo (October 3rd to 9th) and Paris (October 29 to November 6). In certain, the 25-year-old sees with excellent expectancy in Japan’s resources, where he commemorated his greatest success with Olympic gold in 2021. I’m expecting Tokyo to be truthful. Last year I won the gold medal without spectators. This year I will certainly come back and also we will certainly play in the complete arena, said Zverev.

I will come back this year as well as we play in the complete arena.


Alexander Zverev.

Turin is the big goal, stated the 25-year-old in the interview of the TV station Sky. If that were no much longer feasible, I would not play this year either, I think, claimed Zverev

Turin is the big goal, said the 25-year-old in the meeting of the television station Sky. With my 2700 ranking points, I still have a chance to certify. If that were no longer possible, I wouldn’t play this year either, I assume, stated Zverev

The tournament of the eight ideal tennis players of the year will take location in Turin from November 13th to 20th. In the previous year, the Hamburg group won the last versus the Russian Daniil Medvedev 6: 4, 6: 4 as well as thus protected the title for the 2nd time after 2018.

Mgame achieved sales of KRW 28.5 billion in the first half of 2022

Mgame (CEO Kwon Lee-hyung) announced on the 16th that it achieved sales of 28.5 billion won, operating profit of W9.2bn, and net profit of W8.3bn in the first half of 2022.

Sales and operating profit rose 16.4% and 44.8% compared to the first half of last year. Net profit dropped-18.6% due to the one-time profit in the first quarter of last year.


In the second quarter of 2022, sales amounted to W13.3bn, operating profit of W3.9bn, and net profit of 3.9 billion won. The company posted sales of 12.4% over the same period last year and operating profit of 20.9%, up from the previous year. Due to the low season, sales and profits fell slightly compared to the previous quarter.

The reason for the increase in earnings in the first half and second quarter in 2022 is thanks to the Chinese sales of the growing “ Oregangho Online ”. The new server opened a new server in June 10 due to the continuous rise in local concurrent users, and the extension of China’s service, which was signed on the 8th, is $ 18.16 million, the highest contract.

China’s Gyeolgangho Online is expected to be in the second half. In July, sales rose 23% from the average monthly sales in the first half of this year, and in August, large-scale updates such as adding new maps and level expansion in August are prepared.

New games are also available. On the 11th, the global game platform steam officially launched its own development mechanic third-person gun fighting game, Battle Stide: Gunma, as a partial paid model.

In the second half of the second half of the second half of the second half of the year, the most popular MMORPG ‘Hero Online’ Wimix-based PC Blockchain Game, ▲ China’s local Tencent, which has been in charge of the service, is a mobile game ‘Ji-Young-Joo’, and its popular PC online game It will launch the mobile MMORPG ‘Money M’, which is being developed based on ‘IP (Intellectual Property).

EM Game Kwon Lee-hyung said, In the second quarter of this year, even though China’s ‘Hematous Strong Online’ is a low season for PC online games, sales and sales continue to rise compared to last year. The effect will be added to achieve more than last year.

Mediatech occupies 45% of the US smartphone AP market.

Taiwan has succeeded in strengthening its position by narrowing its market share with Qualcomm, the No. 1 in the US smartphone application processor (AP) market.

According to market research firm Counter Point Research on the 13th, Qualcomm was 47%in the US Android smartphone AP market in April, down 19 percentage points from April last year.

Mediatech, on the other hand, earned 45%in April and increased 15%p compared to a year (30%) a year ago. As a result, the gap between the two companies narrowed from 36%p in April last year to 2%p in one year.

Mediatech is equipped with Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy A12 and A32 5G last year, followed by Galaxy A03S, Galaxy A13 5G, Motorola G Pure, and Moto G Power 2022, and the overall share of the overall share is increased.

Counter Point said, The US mobile carrier has partnered with ODM such as Tino, Wingtech, and Foxconn, increasing the supply of 5G low-cost smartphones with a price of less than $ 250. 91%of mid-priced devices take into-media tech.

Mediatech aims to expand the market share of intermediate and flagship smartphones from this year.

Jeff Field Nuclear Counter Point Researcher said, The Dimen City 1050, which was announced by Mediatech in May, is the first chipset that supports the MMWAVE 5G for the first time. It will be mounted on a luxury smartph1.

Qualcomm is showing a decline in market share in the smartphone market of less than $ 250, but still maintains a strong price at a price or more than $ 800. Qualcomm has a 93% share in the price range of more than $ 800 in April, and has a firm position in the premium market, and has a 64% share in the intermediate Android market ($ 250-800).

In addition, Samsung Electronics Exynos recorded a 6%increase in the US Android smartphone AP market in April, up 2%p year-on-year, and Google’s 3%share. Samsung Electronics is analyzed that the market share has grown slightly compared to the previous month thanks to the supply of Exynos to the Galaxy A13 LTE and A53 5G.

US growth rate for the first time in China since 1976

USA vs China 1980-2030 : Nominal GDP, GDP PPP, Growth Rate & Population
The US’s economic growth rate (GDP) has been raised for the first time since 1976.

On the 22nd (local time) Bloomberg recently quoted the Bloomberg Economics report and reported that this year’s US economic growth rate could surpass China’s economic growth rate this year on the urban blockade policy to prevent the new corona virus (Corona 19)..

According to the report, China’s economic growth rate this year is expected to increase 2% YoY and the US will increase by 2.8%. Last year, China’s economic growth rate was 8.1%and US economic growth was 5.7%. China has a city blockade due to Corona 19, and the United States has a high inflation.

However, even if the report is more than 4% of China’s economic growth rate this year, it is the lowest since 1976, when the cultural revolution ended.

However, the Chinese government has set an economic growth target of 5.5%by 2022. For this reason, Citi Group Sien Long and Xiahwen Jean Economists diagnosed that “China still has political options.”

In the fourth quarter of last year, US economic growth increased by 5.5% year -on -year, up 4%. President Joe Biden said in January that the US economy is growing faster than China for the first time in more than 20 years.

More than a seasonal deep: is the big FIFA

Established brand, millions of years of players, almost a monopoly on the market of football simulations: FIFA is an absolute flagship of the Publishers EA SPORTS in the sports segment. Not least because of this, because competitor Konami has set up the only major alternative, Efootball (formerly pro evolution soccer), this year has so far a leg this year.

Streamer looking for variety

Glass Animals - Heat Waves (Official Video)
But behind the sales and the promotes maximized in modes in modes as ultimate team seems to crumble the facade: more and more streamer turns away from the franchise.

Because regularly it pulls great names of the FIFA scene like ‘Gamerbrother’ or ‘TiSi Schubech’ in their streams in other games. Currently in F1 2022, in which Gamerbrother ‘already organized a “Streamer World Cup”. At the same time, other established sizes such as ‘the basement’ operate at Pack Openings in real life and open panini, Topps or Pokemon sets in their streams – or sweep like ‘Eliasn97’ the game even completely the back.

Loss of interest of the viewer?

For a reason for this development, ‘TiSi Schubech’ was already provided several months ago: in a stream at the end of October – no four weeks after the release of FIFA 22 – the two green towns wanted to have recognized sinking interest from the viewers. This is evident about different platforms and creators, they said at that time.

YouTube views sink blatant

And indeed: A look at the calls of the first YouTube videos after releasing this year’s offshoot and previous publications of the FIFA series supports this guess. Not only in the “Tisis”, as they are called by viewers, the clicks in the last two years were noticeably after.

Other large youtubers such as already mentioned names or ‘feel FIFA’ and ‘FIFA Goals United’ lost compared to FIFA 21 and especially for FIFA 20, the click-strongest part of recent years, massive calls – partly even in the six-digit area.

For example, with two packs Openings from the Youtuber and Streamer ‘of the Keller’: the drawn Lionel Messi to FIFA-21 release brought him for just under 200,000 clicks on Youtube, after publication of FIFA 22 at the end of last year, only just under 100,000 views.

Twitch less affected

The same can be confirmed in parts with regard to the streaming platform Twitch: The peak number of the simultaneously active viewers according to Twitch Tracker from FIFA 20 on FIFA 21 still significantly higher from about 365,000 to 841,000 upwards, they sagged this year to 787,000.

The same as the number of streamers active at the same time developed at the same time: from in the top 5008 channels during FIFA 20 to 7704 in FIFA 21 and 6280 in FIFA 22.

Sales figures remain stable

However, the sales figures of the game speak a different language: According to “Games Economy” FIFA 20 sold in the German market alone over 1.5 million times. A record, the FIFA 21 with over two million sales even overbid. And even FIFA 22 started strongly and was one of only three plays published in 2021, which sold over 500,000 times by the end of the year.

While the interest of the fanbase at the passive consumption of the game seems to actually slightly growing a bit, the number of buyers remains stable. The hype around EA SPORTS ‘flagship, so it is not likely to tear off. The hype about content to the series but probably already.

Before the scarcity of PS5, Sony has decided to continue manufacturing more PS4 in 2022

Sign up for the 3D game channel on YouTube .

So a lot to ensure that the Sony itself has purchased a new chip factory in Japan, considered that the dispute has to see straight with the renowned semiconductors, who are present in a wide variety of makers throughout the globe, having a reduced view Its production for the results prompted straight by the pandemic. Some results that, unfortunately, seems to continue to be existing during this year.

We have actually been there for a couple of days of 2022, yet one of the problems that we continue dragging in the brand-new year is shortage of brand-new generation consoles Both Xbox Series X and also PlayStation 5 are submersed in a scenario that exceeds video games, impacting a wide range of technical sectors as well as even to the vehicle.

The idea behind this new approach would certainly be to supply even more alternatives to gamers that want to play in PlayStation, eliminating stress offering to customers a lot more consoles from previous generation. Something have needed to do, definitely the intergenerational launches that show up throughout the year 2022. For instance, both Perspective Forbidden West, which is a month far from Battle: Ragnarök has readily available variations for PlayStation 4.

They would include a million more PS4 to production It is a striking choice given that, although it had actually not been formally mentioned, the initial strategy consisted of stopping the production of face at the end of 2021, as stated in the info. The absence of PS5 in stores would certainly have caused a modification of course, with the creation of a million PS4 more during this year, which has a simpler production . In brief: it is easier, plus less expensive currently, PS4 than PS5.

For this factor, the info supplied by Bloomberg is missing today, which aims out that Sony is extremely familiar with the trouble and also has a number of strategies to try to manage the very best means. Among them is the fact of Continue generating more PlayStation 4 in 2022 , something that has verified a straight resource from within the Japanese business itself.

Mario Kart 9 should be in development and have a twist in the luggage

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the most effective auto racing video game of perpetuity: In November of in 2014, the extraordinary amount of 38 million sold devices and finally slammed Mario Kart Wii. If you determine the offered duplicates of the Wii U version, which is ultimately the dimensioning of the switch port, the present offshoot of the series also happens even more than 45 million.

As Well As although Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Buy Currently EUR 46.28) remains to offer well, the title has now a couple of years on the hump. The Wii U variation is at the very least currently 8 years old as well as the Deluxe version additionally appeared in the initial year of life of the button, so before 5 years back. Not surprising that fans lick their fingers after a brand-new spin-off — as well as could obtain this need in the future.

Mario Kart 9 — however with a spin!

Over all these points Analysts spoke to the electrical outlet and try to create the current location as proper projections as possible. DR. Serkan Toto by Kantian Gaming is just one of these analysts and with one of his declarations he has actually opened an perfect barrel.

With respect to Nintendo Toto not just announced that the chances of a brand-new mobile title were good, however likewise discussed the Next Mario Kart : I realize that Mario Kart 8 luxurious is still Extremely well marketed on the Nintendo Switch, but Mario Kart 9 remains in development (and features a spin as a result) as well as Nintendo might introduce it this year..

About the time of the announcement the analyst does not appear to be sure, the declaration about the state of growth of Mario Kart 9, however, appears according to educated history knowledge. Certainly, where he intends to have this, Toto did not betray, as low as which turn it might act. After resisting Mario Kart 8 of gravity, everything appears possible at any rate.

Mario Kart 9 Is Reportedly In Development, 'With a New Twist' - IGN Daily Fix

Wish For Mario Kart 9 makes the statement of an analyst at Games industry. There you ask at the start of each year several professionals, which after that make forecasts for the coming year: Which trends are developing which stay and what are taking place? Which gaming consoles are marketing and which advertising methods can we anticipate from the huge companies in the market?

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the most effective auto racing game of all time: In November of last year, the amazing amount of 38 million sold systems and also finally slammed Mario Kart Wii. There you ask at the beginning of each year several specialists, which then make forecasts for the coming year: Which fads are developing which stay and what are going on? Concerning the time of the announcement the expert does not seem to be sure, the statement about the state of advancement of Mario Kart 9, nonetheless, appears according to informed background knowledge.

Peaceful Christmas from CONSOLOGY

Christmas Music From Another Room - Relaxing Christmas Ambience with Muffled Christmas Music
Phoenix Metro (/ Finks/) is the funding and the largest city in the state of Arizona, the United States. According to the USA Demographics Bureau, the city has 1,608,139 in 2020, which puts it on the 5th national ranking. Its city area of 4,845,832 residents is the 11th of the nation. 40% of the populace is Hispanic. Phoenix is also the headquarters of the Area of Maricopa, the most heavily populated region of the state.
Found in northeastern Sonora desert, Phoenix AZ has a hot desert environment (Köppen BWH classification). The city is located in the valley of the Sale River, whose bed is often completely dry. It is bordered by McDowell Hills, South Mountain, White Storage Tank Mountains and also Superstition Mountains. Irrigation makes it possible to perform farming activities in the region.
The environment constantly attracts more homeowners as well as thriving financial task, especially with the electronics industry. In ten years, the population enhances by 25% and Arizona is the United States state that has among the highest possible degrees of populace growth. In 2004, the cities of Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Peoria signed up with to create a city that consists of twenty-two towns.

The console fin retires to eat delicacies, to open gift boxes and spend time with their loved ones — whether they are familiar with people or video games. Tomorrow will be published on the last podcast of the year, with a passage through the past FAGE, but otherwise, we will then be back to the lines after the saints. Next week, we traditionally raise the best games, TV series and movies of the year, and we are looking at expectations for the year 2022. Disappointments and the best time for the year with our listings already. Thank you for this year now, and stay healthy. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nexon 2021 Dawn Papestee held New Update Roadmap Disclosure

Domestic representative popular PC game ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ new update rode map was first released.

The rode map has made up of new scenarios from the level extension, adding new scenarios, adding new items through additional, reorganization, adding new items, and life content, and captivated the attention of game fans.

Nixon Korea (Representative Lee Jong-un) held the Dungeon & Fighter Festival: The Next (Dungeon Festival) and released future update plans.

The Dune Festive has focused the attention of many game fans every year with a single game event in Korea. Especially today, the company has released game contents and events that change through festivals, and received the users of users.

This year’s festivals were divided into Part 1 and 2. In Part 1, Soon, Jong-il, director and Song Sung Leon, introduced a large update that proceeded sequentially from this month to the New Year. In addition, the Owner Director gave his vision for the future of the game that matches the title ‘The Next Thing’.

Part 2 proceeded to a participatory online festival. Seung Leon Caster, Broadcaster Wang SUK, Investment Expert Kim, Dong-hwan, and the announcer was relayed, and Announcer Kim Tae-hyun and Choir, said,

Character level expansion to additional scenarios… New fun rich

First, the new story of the new story according to the March 17 level extension (100→ 110) of the New Year of the Dungeon & Fighter (100→ 110), and the dungeon expansion, large-scale rode content, and the like are added.

With the highest level expansion, the new story covers the Apostle ‘OMA’ on his body after the Saints ‘Mikaela’. In addition, we plan to introduce the scenario dungeon, eight ordinary dungeons, and two of the advanced dungeons.

In particular, users can choose the difficulty of the scenario dungeon, and the adventurer who completed the dungeon is a little faster and the company has explained that it is possible to achieve it.

The advanced dungeon with the position limit for a daily and weekly weeks decided to apply a new admission ticket system. The new advanced dungeons plan to eliminate the concept of entry, and existing systems that limit the number of positions are limited to large-scale plays such as raids.

The dungeon ‘Noblesse Code’, which was scheduled to add new, was featured as possible to collaborate with their own characters. If the existing ‘squad mode’ is a concept that the rest of the character holds, ‘Noblesse Code’ can be distributed by all the characters that all characters collaborate. With the high Epic Drop Rate, you can take compensation for each character.

Equipment level extensions and options combinations Fun high… New Former Character Renewal Notice

Unlike the maximum level of the character, the highest level is reducing the burden of the jamming, and expands to 105 levels in the dimension that imparts meaning to 100 level items currently held.

In order to raise the degree of freedom in setting the equipment, this epic equipment decided to introduce this epic equipment as a single item. In the case of the auction, it is scheduled to add items that are not determined to increase the fun of the combination.

Above all, new Legendary and Epic Equipment to add newly added equipment optional systems are applied. This is known as a concept of synthesizing the equipment with the same option, combining the level and experience, and growing equipment.

Tata nexon ECU get updated and radiator clamp updated how many changes in driving mileage vibration
In the case of a new 105 level Epic weapons, we plan to add two kinds by type. The first weapon is scheduled to be made of general weapons with compliance with the damage option, and the second weapon has an option of customizing each character skill.

New ex-warning advance. ‘Number of the South’ is the fifth former ‘Apartment’. Large-scale Reid Content after OMA Landed King ‘Basal’ also decided to show.

In February of the New Year, we prepared the character renewal of ‘NEN Master (M) and’ Spitfire (M). The ‘NEN Master (M)’ is working in a direction in the direction of adding a total of two types of skills to add a new skill that adds the attack power balance of the spiral gauge, and adds a total of two species to the new skill to supply and utilize the spiral gauge.. ‘Spitfire (M)’ plans to strengthen the characteristics in the basic attack.

In addition, one of two skills to be renewed is a regulation of Nils Napping, which was the signature skill of ‘Spitfire’ in the past, reinforce the performance to comply with the latest meta.

I also said that I have also added a new lifestyle content. ‘Dungeon & Life’ is.

The contents have been made of a farming and fishing in a personal space, and use the material to make the material to use the material to use the equipment to create multiple items, including the equipment, or purchase it to the NPC. Users can build buildings using unique materials acquired by dungeon plays, and can create a village with an object that decorates the village. Furthermore, it is also possible to visit the village of other adventurers.

FRIENDLY FIRE 7 Donation Record at twelve hours

Friendly Fire is a charity occasion by German YouTubers and also banners on the online streaming solution Twitch. It takes area annually considering that 2015 on the first Saturday in December. There was one special on April 12, 2020, gathering cash for victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the most recent stream got on December 4, 2021. Each stream is around 12h long as well as consists of a series of video games and also difficulties. Friendly Fire gathered an overall of over 6.5 Million EUR (7 Million US$) in donation money from viewers and enrollers. The cash obtains split equally between every year charities.
Friendly Fire 8 will certainly be on December 3, 2022, at 3pm CET. The occasion won a number of awards, consisting of the German video game honor in 2018.

Friendly Fire went to the seventh lap this year and could not break the record of simultaneous spectators from the previous year, but the number of collected donations. With more than 1.8 million euros, the German Streamer supports several aid organizations.

By donation, 1,283,704 euros were taken alone (current status at Better place) and over Merch probably another 600,000 euros. Thus, the team bakes behind Friendly Fire the brand of last year of around 1.6 million euros. In addition to a lot of nonsense, several sponsors with different prices ensured that the action wins awareness.

Thus, large brands like Asus and Xbox were there, and some publishers use the event to apply their games: Far Cry 6, Alex 2 and even the bus simulator 21 were officially registered as sponsors. Of course, they did not get money from the donations, which goes to nonprofit organizations like every year.

To whom go the donations of Friendly Fire?

Who the donations go, changes from year to year. This year, revenue will be paid to eight equal parts:

GMSA Weekends : Dec 04, 2021

A campaign of Heroes E.V., Improving CyBermobbing education and advice.


The club is committed to refuge, homeless and other needy people in Hamburg. This starts in the distribution of material donations and goes to the reintegration of people who had little luck in life.

Crazy? So what! — mental fit to school

The workshop of insanely human E.V. Helps students to deal with psychological violence and fears, talk about it and look forward to the future.

Funeral association for cancer children E.V. Cologne

Above all, the initiative attaches great importance to the parents’ house, where families have the chance to live together with their children on the hospital grounds, while they are in treatment.

together for a future without Alzheimer’s

The initiative belongs to the club Alzheimer Research Initiative E.V. and sets the money in research. Away from pharmaceuticals, the club is looking for means that are not aligned with a positive profit margin.

New rooms for Rubicon E.V.

The club supports people from the LGBTQ + community. Through self-help groups it should be possible to live fearlessly.

Puppy house — quarantine and infirmary for puppies from illegal trade

The project of the Animal Protection Lübeck u.u.e.v. stands for the construction of a puppy house in which the animals are collected and maintained, which are illegally brought to Germany from abroad. Due to illnesses, the animals have to live partially weeks in isolation. The house is intended to offer quarantine running surfaces and a treatment room so that the animals can be picked up as fast as possible and without excitement.


This initiative goes off by the Friendly Fire Team itself and should be created so that in short-term stalls can be helped quickly. The project manager of Friendly Fire Mikkel Robin refers to catastrophes such as the flood in Germany, where you want to jump quickly when necessary.

Who was at Friendly Fire 7?

The spectacle was hosted by Growth, with there were of course other streamers:

Piettsmiet (all five)
The Harder

Although the stream was only seen at Growth, you could see trailers and short videos for the upcoming event on the other channels. The pre-produced videos give only a brief insight into the stream, which was puzzled in front of very crazy challenges and chaos. Games, Quizzes, Balloons Obs counted, Giant UNO and Games, which are apparently inspired by Squid Game, make the stream still worthwhile in hindsight.

Where can I catch up Friendly fire 7?

While the stream on YouTube will probably appear in a few days on the channel of Pietetsmiet, it was meanwhile also looked at Growth.TV. The maximum number of audience was well over 100,000, which applies the event as one of the largest German streams. Although there was a smaller spectator peak than last year, but this is important in view of the donation sum and one can look forward to this service fully.

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